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Combining the benefits of a strong trading history with a start-up mentality, Attrax has created a culture which is highly regarded.

Our approach

The basis of this culture is in creating opportunity and rewarding high performance, all within the context of a meritocratic, supportive and fun working environment. Most of Attrax's senior managers started in graduate positions in the company and career progression is rapid for top performers. 

Staff performance is managed using a performance 365 methodology: an ‘anti-appraisals’ continuous appraisal approach, which means that the team is regularly set challenging but achievable results-based objectives. It allows top performers to demonstrate they can go beyond the ‘day job’. 

Staff are surveyed through pulse surveys and 365-degree feedback so that the company understands their views. A staff forum meets six times a year to discuss how the working culture (and all-important social events) could be enhanced.

Why Attrax
Employee benefits

Our employee benefits

  • Quarterly socials and summer party
  • Beer Fridge Friday (including soft drinks and wine)
  • Sonos music throughout the office with music chosen by staff
  • A half-day on your work anniversary
  • Cake, song and a lie-in on your birthday
  • Prizes and incentives for great performances (including quarterly Hero and Superhero Awards)
  • Food for Thought presentations by staff - with free pizza!

This is on top of a company pension, flexible working, paid paternity leave and a genuine appreciation of the need for a strong work-life balance. Whether it’s a charity climb up Ben Nevis or cruising the Thames on a boat, our culture is enriched by the quality time we spend together. We recognize the need for fun in a motivated, loyal and top-performing team – it benefits us; it benefits our clients. 

Career stories

Suzannah Simpson - Search Marketing Consultant

Suzannah started work at Attrax on a maternity contract for the Office Manager’s position in 2017. She had just come back from travelling and really wasn’t sure what she wanted to do - though she knew she wanted to work in London. 

Attrax was an easy sell for Suzannah: in her interview James Saunders, the CEO, talked about career progression, and the fact that she would have lots of prospects here. It seemed like somewhere she could grow her career, and she already had all the skills and experience for the Office Manager’s position from her previous role.

Attrax was quick to see her potential, and introduced her to the position early on: thanks to a combination of being thrown in at the deep end, and picking up skills on the go, she’s now well on her way to being an SEO and PPC expert, as well as a master of all things Google.

One thing that has stood out for Suzannah since starting work at Attrax is the family atmosphere in the office. Everybody is willing to help out where needed, and there’s always somebody who fancies a trip to the pub at the end of a working week. Aside from the great benefits- like birthday cake and free pizza!- it’s so easy to make great friends and stay in touch with people even after they leave. For Suzannah, it’s been a learning curve- and a leap worth taking.

Antony Thornicroft - Web Development Team Leader

Thanks to a passion for programming- and a childhood hobby of running websites with his friends- Antony joined Attrax as a Junior Web Developer in 2011. 

Once in, Antony quickly settled in and rose through the ranks, progressing from junior to mid-level web developer after a year. Once there, he had the opportunity to work on challenging, exciting projects, and after a while a vacancy came up for Team Leader. Though he hadn’t had any previous experience, the Operations Director put him forward and helped convince the team that he was the perfect person for the role.

As the Team Leader, Antony found a job that he could thrive in, and love. Combining coding with leadership, he could get involved in everything the Development Team was working on. The job is ever-changing, letting him balance people management with working on exciting projects like the Attrax system itself, and on creating international careers sites like Vodafone and SNC-Lavalin. 

One of the highlights for him is the work culture at Attrax. Alongside the inclusive team spirit, there’s a great culture of innovation in the workplace, backed up by a team that’s passionate about what they do, focussed on always finding a better way of doing things and achieving results.

Philip Jones - Chief Technology Officer

Philip's background is quite diverse and emblematic of his many interests: he first completed a degree in Classics, he started a small agency business with friends, he then moved into business research and completed an MSc in International Business. 

Philip joined Attrax in 1999 while looking for a challenge in the internet arena. He has since been involved with most aspects of the business, but quickly took an interest in the technical side. He has managed all aspects of Attrax’s private and public infrastructure for over 20 years, exploring and implementing a wide variety of technologies. Philip is a fully qualified MCSE and MCDBA and the main driver behind Attrax's ISO qualification - all of this out of self-education. 

Philip is an invaluable Attrax team member, an example not only for his long standing dedication and passion but also for his versatile talent that has allowed him to succeed in multiple areas. 

Matthew Lasky - Head of UX and Talent Attraction

Before joining Attrax, Matthew managed his own web design company and worked for a design agency with high profile clients. 

Matthew has worked his way up to Head of UX and Talent Attraction since starting as a designer in May 2004. With masses of websites under his belt, his unique experience in recruitment web design has served Attrax well in leading the team to winning awards for clients (for example Vodafone's Rad award - read more here) and - more importantly - generating a return on investment. 

Matthew has a deep passion for usability, website accessibility and is constantly looking for ways to improve user experience. Matthew is testament that most of Attrax's senior managers have started in junior/ graduate positions in the company and that career progression is rapid for top performers. 

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