Travis Perkins

An integrated careers site that unites the whole but celebrates the individual

The challenge

A brand that is recognisable all over the UK, the Travis Perkins Group is comprised of more than twenty businesses under one banner and employs over 28,000 people. Whilst the Travis Perkins and Wickes brands are probably the most recognisable, most people would not recognise many of the others or realise that they are part of such a large Group. With such a wide variety of businesses to cater for- such as Benchmarx and Tile Giant - Travis Perkins’ previous careers site was having trouble advertising all of its jobs to potential candidates in an effective way.

A number of Travis Perkins Groups’ companies look to recruit candidates with similar skill sets, but they had no obvious way of cross-advertising their jobs from different businesses to the same candidates, especially when it came to jobs in the same location.

The following objectives were identified:

  • Integrate the careers site with the ATS to improve completed applications.
  • Showcase the suite of brands owned by Travis Perkins plc.
  • Bring the employer brand to life.
  • Cross pollinate jobs throughout the business.

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The method

Attrax worked to build an umbrella site that would be flexible, and easy to customise to each business’ branding, without losing the feel of a unified company group. The end result was a group platform that functions almost like a job board: pulling in jobs from all the different companies under the Travis Perkins Group banner, it allows candidates to filter all of these jobs by location, company, job type and even whether they want a permanent or temporary contract, thus giving Travis Perkins Group the opportunity to cross-sell its different vacancies to candidates. 

To deliver the flexibility the business needs there is one overall Group site with each individual business having separate, branded, pages. These are also linked from the business websites, maintaining brand identity and letting candidates browse jobs that are solely relevant to that company.

To ensure a greater visibility online- and make Travis Perkins Group’s jobs more Google-friendly- Attrax integrated with Avature, using our vacancy import module. As a result, all of the jobs registered on the site are Google friendly, increasing the site’s SEO and allowing Travis Perkins Group to build related content around their jobs.

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The results

Travis Perkins Groups’ new careers site gives their constituent companies the ability to control their own brand, whilst still making all of their jobs available to browsing candidates. The careers site incorporates top-notch features like geo-targeting on job and content pages, AI powered total search, which delivers related jobs and content in real time as the candidate types, and a blog that gives browsers an insight into life at Travis Perkins Group, the site is optimised to offer candidates an excellent user experience that is tailored to each of their respective companies.

The changes have seen improvements since go-live: 

  • Website visits increased by 40%
  • Conversion rate – Unique visitors to completed applications – has increased from 35% to 42%
  • Started applications are up from 1,100 a month to 15,000 a month
  • Search engine traffic is up 709%

Travis Perkins’ new design and functionality has also seen it pick up a 2019 ONREC Award for the Creative Online Marketing category. 
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