Talent Attraction Strategy

Recruitment SEO

Deploying the right tactics as part of your digital talent attraction strategy is critical to attract the best quality candidates. The Talent Attraction team at Attrax have a deep understanding of how to achieve this using SEO, digital advertising social media and content marketing. Ensuring your careers site system ranks for the right keywords is as essential as hosting. You have a great careers site so make sure top candidates can find it!

At Attrax our dedicated talent attraction team helps you to get the most out of your careers site by creating varied content and landing pages along with marketing of your site via link building and outreach. You will receive a dedicated monthly report with target keywords all powered by Google Data studio.

Content marketing

Content Marketing

This is a critical part of any talent attraction strategy. At Attrax we have five steps to great content. Keyword research, title optimisation, content production, content promotion and finally content re-optimisation. This methodical and scientific approach to content marketing delivers results for our clients. 

Digital advertising

If you have a careers site system, chances are that one of you objectives is to reduce digital advertising whether it's on job boards or with other mediums. However, every organisation has those candidates that are hard to find and that's where digital advertising can help. The talent attraction team can help with job aggregators, Google Adwords and programmatic advertising to help achieve your talent attraction goals. 

Digital advertising
Social media

Social Media

Social media can enhance your SEO and content marketing. Our Talent Attraction team can manage these channels on your behalf. We are expert at managing communities on LinkedIn and Facebook to drive your SEO and get visibility for your brand and your content.

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