Mitchells & Butlers

A multi brand careers site converting candidates for over 2,000 vacancies

The challenge

Industry giant Mitchells & Butlers are one of the UK’s largest operators of restaurants, bars and pubs, with over 44,000 employees running 1,650 managed locations. They recruit between 1,600 and 2,500 roles at any one time and the company are growing rapidly year on year. 

Mitchells & Butlers run over 13 brands that include All Bar One, O’Neill’s, Toby Carvery and Harvester among others. One of their main challenges was making candidates aware of all the vacancies available in the same location within the same umbrella company. 

Their previous careers site also lacked an ATS integration which meant that jobs were hosted separately to content, thus resulting in a poor candidate-user experience - which differed quite a lot depending on application source - and Mitchells & Butlers’ vacancies were hidden on Google, thus making it difficult for candidates to find them.

Moreover, Mitchells & Butlers were interested in implementing a careers site system that would continue to update and roll out new enhancements.

The following challenges were identified:

  1. Integrate the careers site with the ATS to improve Google and Google for Jobs visibility for vacancies (both as a group and for their individual brands).
  2. Increase quality and volume of applications.
  3. Showcase the suite of Mitchells & Butlers brands.
  4. Authentically bring the employer brand to life.
  5. Cross-sell vacancies throughout the business. 

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The method

Attrax undertook an in-depth design process to create a site whose look and feel reflected Mitchells & Butlers’ culture and multiple brands. This reinforced and strengthened the client’s reputation as a leader in the hospitality industry and a household brand and shone a light on employees stories with #LIFEATMAB.

The design of the new careers site reflects Mitchells & Butlers’ individual brands and their employees, all the while creating a great user experience and quickly getting candidates to relevant vacancies thanks to a brilliant and easy to use search function.

The project aimed to convey and incorporate all of Mitchells & Butlers’ independent brands and attract top talent for their 1,500+ live roles in individual locations. All the while needing a view on cross-brand sales to tell their story authentically and use the Attrax system to publish related and relevant content for their potential candidates.  

The real game changer feature on Mitchells & Butlers’ new careers site is their AI powered search: being Google style predictive, it allows users to search for jobs, content and current staff with predictive results coming up while they type. Thanks to this AI, the home page content changes based on the pages the visitor has been looking at, making each individual site visit relevant and personalised to the user.

Moreover, Mitchells & Butlers is now able to update their site with ease. Attrax gives the user the ability to set up new landing pages in under 20 minutes with branded templates and design assets, using AI to automatically pull campaign content together, thus driving engagement to their careers site.   

Being SaaS based, Mitchells & Butlers’ careers site is constantly updated with a clear roadmap available to the client. Over the last 12 months Attrax has had more than 100 updates. 

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The results

Since the site’s launch at the end of January 2020 the results have been phenomenal: 

  • Google for Jobs conversions are up by 220% 
  • Application conversion rate is up from 31% to 57%

A truly fantastic result according to their Digital Attraction Manager James Edward: “Having a careers site that reacts to the market in an agile way is paramount. Attrax not only delivers everything but exceeds expectations”

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