Harvey Nash

How to reconcile local realities and a centralised framework

The challenge

Harvey Nash is a global leader in professional recruitment, providing a wide range of solutions and helping over two-thirds of the UK’s leading organisations solve talent problems. Harvey Nash has multiple offices and leading brands stretching across four continents.

Harvey Nash needed eight recruitment sites that reflected their forward-thinking approach to connecting clients with candidates. They required a web presence that would showcase their thought leadership, influence and knowledge of the market.

Previously, most of Harvey Nash’s sites were managed by a central team, with a strenuous effort in terms of maintaining, supporting and running the various requirements of eight recruitment sites. 

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The method

Attrax was the perfect fit for Harvey Nash as it provides a system that enables a group identity to be developed while granting independence to the local sites in terms of content, innovation requests and operational management.

Look and feel, technology and governance (GDPR compliance for example) are all centralised and part of a recruitment site system with features and functionality providing an excellent user experience:

  • Total-search capabilities which deliver jobs and content as the user types.
    Attrax worked to build an umbrella site that would be flexible, and easy to customise to each business’ branding, without losing the feel of a unified company group. 
  • AI-driven personalisation which makes it easy – and always relevant- for candidates to find, save and apply to jobs. 

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The results

Harvey Nash are incredibly pleased with their recruitment sites. They have been instrumental in allowing local businesses to innovate and develop their presence, whilst keeping a centralised framework. The look and feel of their websites have helped them to differentiate in the market.

A truly fantastic result according to their Group Marketing Director Robert Grimsey: 

“We see Attrax as partners, our relationship has been built out of trust. We look forward to continue working with the team as we drive even greater ROI from the websites.”

Moreover, Harvey Nash’s recruitment sites are built on Attrax’s SaaS system which receives regular updates and has a clear roadmap available to the partners. Over the last 12 months Attrax has had more than 100 updates, meaning that its partners will stay ahead of the competition for years to come.

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