How to match the application process to the eCommerce experience

The challenge

In 2017 Harrods needed a new careers site that would do them justice and build upon their brand and market reputation.  

Their existing careers site was tricky to navigate and difficult to update; as a result, it didn’t reflect the premium brand Harrods portrays.

Moreover, the lack of an ATS integration meant that jobs were hosted separately to content, which resulted in a poor candidate user experience, and one which did little to enhance their digital employer brand. 

Harrods wanted the applications process to match the ecommerce experience, including a retail search experience for jobs. They also wanted to drive more engagement and applications to Harrods’ jobs and show potential employees the workplace culture embodied by the luxury retailer. 

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The method

Attrax undertook an in-depth design and discovery process to create a site whose look and feel reflected that of the eCommerce site, again reinforcing and strengthening Harrods’ reputation as a premium brand.

The new Harrods site incorporates several cutting-edge features such as AI powered search - Google style predictive search for jobs, content and people.

Effort was also made to develop Harrods’ employer brand, which it’s previous website had struggled to bring to life: drawing on Harrods’ staff, Attrax curated videos, interviews and day-in-the-life blogs that detailed the life of everyday Harrods’ employees, in addition to drawing attention to more obscure job vacancies, for which Harrods had traditionally struggled to attract applications. The new careers site also included staff profiles for Harrods employees, allowing them to show a more personal side to working there, as well as serving as a point of contact for any job seekers whose roles they were managing.

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The results

The end result is a careers site that builds upon the Harrods brand and reputation for excellence, delivering an experience that is in line with brand guidelines but tailored to deliver an excellent candidate experience. 

  • Applications increased by 18%
  • Page views for Career Stories increased by 40%
  • Job searches up 24%
  • Job views increased by 90%
  • Job alert sign ups increased to 14%

Harrods’ new design has also seen it pick up a 2018 ONREC Award. Awarded for the Best Corporate Use of Online Recruitment, the award pays tribute to the website’s stylish design and excellent functionality, which will surely serve Harrods well in the competitive employer market. 

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