Established in 1972, Wickes has grown to become a market leader in building supplies, with 250+ stores throughout the UK and over 7000 employees. Their innovative multi-channel business model allows them to expand year on year and create the best possible service for their clients and customers.  

Their growth mindset does not stop there, they take pride in employee development, attracting and nurturing the very best talent, helping drive engagement and creating a better workplace. Their new and improved careers site is a testament to that.  

The aim for Wickes’ new careers site was to give them back the freedom to manage content and to provide an authentic application journey which really reflected their ‘winning behaviours’. Wickes wanted the application process to be as easy and streamlined as possible, which is why they chose Attrax.  

To support these needs, Attrax provided a ‘Jobs near me’ feature which optimises Google for jobs APIs, making it easier and quicker for candidates to search for vacancies in their local area; if candidates are unable to find jobs in this way, they can quickly set up a job alert, notifying them when there are new postings. Attrax also set up a #LifewithWickes function to provide candidates with more information on what it is like working for Wickes, who Wickes are and to show the variety of people who work there. Furthermore, Wickes can now change and develop their careers site through the content management system (CMS) Attrax provides, giving them the freedom and control they desire to create an ever more personalised candidate experience. 

Attrax are very proud to announce the successful launch of the new Wickes careers site. Interested in seeing the result? Head over to the Wickes site to see it in action. 

Want to learn more about Attrax? Feel free to request a demo or alternatively, read our range of successful client stories.