Admiral is a leader in the UK car insurance market, and they are known internationally for their successful range of brands across the world, such as Veygo and Their progressive culture and commitment to diversity and inclusion is well recognised in the industry, with Admiral receiving countless awards for being a great company to work for. These include taking 14th place in the World’s Best Workplaces 2020 and being listed in The Sunday Times’ 25 Best Big Companies to Work For 2020. 

The aim for Admiral’s new careers site was to highlight roles in different functions and to attract a range of candidate interests. The new careers site provides a wide range of useful resources including blogs, employee stories and recruiter profiles on job opportunities. This content has been very successful in engaging with candidates, providing them with useful information and telling the Admiral story.

Using the Attrax career site system and content management system (CMS), Admiral now has full autonomy to showcase their employer brand across their careers site. By having the ability to change the layout of their site in response to the business environment, Admiral can appeal to a wider pool of candidates and attract the most valuable job seekers. Admiral is the perfect example of how to use, manage and change content and banners on your careers site.

Admiral’s careers site has been transformed from outdated to updated and they can now authentically tell their employer story. Not only has the new careers site been successful externally, as completed applications have gone up, but also internally, with the Admiral Talent Attraction team receiving lots of positive feedback.

In Danielle Jones’, Admiral’s Recruitment Manager, own words:

We are very satisfied and excited by our new Attrax careers site system: it reacts to the business needs; it is constantly updated, and the AI engine really elevates the candidate experience and makes every user journey personal. We see Attrax as a strategic partner, instrumental to our talent attraction success and ability to react to the market and changes in demand for talent.

Want to know more? Check out Admiral’s case study.

Attrax are very proud to announce the successful launch of the new Admiral careers site system. Interested in seeing the result? Head over to Admiral to see it in action.

Why Attrax

Our multiple award-winning careers site system converts site visitors into high-quality job applicants. Attrax is built to maximise the visibility of your jobs both on Google and on your careers site system. Fully SaaS, Attrax is powered by the latest AI to deliver an outstanding and relevant talent experience, personalised employer branding and a strong conversion of candidates into the ATS. 

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