Content was hailed king years ago, and yet it remains atop its throne. Why? Because while it has evolved over time, it continues to support SEO strategies in new and innovative ways.

Companies in every industry - recruitment, manufacturing, hospitality and banking - use content to build their brand, generate leads and ultimately drive sales. Here’s the evidence - a recent study showed that the consumption of ‘educational content’ boosted a person’s likelihood of buying from a company by 131%.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the science of content marketing and how it is an effective way of attracting organic traffic to your careers site.

Content marketing is one of your strategic pillars

Content marketing is one of the pillars that prop up your overall digital marketing strategy – getting more quality candidates to apply for your jobs. It should then come as no surprise that in 2018, 76% of marketing executives were focused on increasing their company spending on content marketing. Marketing is sometimes thought as an effort to interrupt a consumer and steal their attention, but content marketing is designed to make lasting impressions and lay the foundations for strong relationships with your customers - or candidates in a hiring manager’s case.

When done right, it’s extremely effective

The reason that ‘educational content’ performs so well is because it provides value. It has become increasingly easy for anyone to purchase a website domain and start distributing content. This has seen the internet become saturated with content, but not all of it is considered useful to people. Additionally, a lot of this content isn’t deemed authoritative by Google and these web pages won’t be ranked highly by the search engine.

For your content marketing strategy to be effective, it must contain evergreen content. This is sustainable information that remains relevant to readers because it stands the test of time. Coschedule – an online marketing tool - analysed evergreen content and found that it increased site traffic by 283%. Imagine what this hike in visitors to your careers site would do for your conversion rate.

There is a harmonious marriage between content marketing and SEO

The links you use in your content - both internal and external - will increase your page authority and therefore improve your website’s ranking in Google. This illustrates how content can help your SEO strategies, but the relationship goes both ways. There are free SEO tools available that you use to ensure that your content matches what candidates are searching for.

For example, if you type “engineering jobs” into Answer the Public the data you get back is presented in an easily-digestible spider diagram - check out the search insights here. It shows us that two common questions people are asking are “What are civil engineering jobs?” and “Will AI take over engineering jobs?”. Using this insight, you can create content that answers popular questions and therefore deliver useful and relevant information.

Another free tool is Once you’ve decided the topic of your content you can use this SEO tool to do your keyword research. Say you chose to write about civil engineering, all you have to do is input that word and you have a list of related terms. By including these keywords in your content, you know it specifically targets what candidates are searching for.

You can use AI to step up your content marketing strategy

If a candidate was to view an IT Manager role on your careers site you could harness the power of machine learning and show them related content such as a blog on the “Top 5 tips for your IT Manager interview”. Showing your visitors content that is relevant to what they are searching for provides a superior candidate experience because it is personalised.

And this isn’t the only way that AI is revolutionising content marketing. Using recruitment chatbots you can answer frequent candidate questions which can help cut through the noise. Say that you’re recruiting HGV drivers on your careers site, it’s common for people to ask if they need their HGV license or if they will receive the training on the job. Using a chatbot is a quick and cost-effective way of delivering information, in this case informing them about your training requirements, and ultimately help candidates self-select themselves out of the application process.

It’s a way of getting your message out there

Content marketing is an extremely useful way of getting your message across to candidates. The content on your careers site can educate candidates on your stance on diversity in the workplace, your company values or what you’re doing to give back to your local communities.

One reason why content remains a powerful way of delivering this message is because there is an ever-increasing list of content marketing channels. For example, Attrax thought about how we could deliver an important message with a unique spin and the result was our webinar on what makes a market-leading careers site. While webinars are relatively new marketing channels, as are podcasts, the more traditional forms – eBooks, videos and infographics - are still powerful sources to tap into. The ultimate content marketing strategy will use a combination of each and let the different forms complement each other.

Let Attrax help you attract top talent

Crafting a strong content marketing strategy is just one way of driving quality candidates to your careers site. If you’re interested in how else you can boost your website traffic and build your talent pipeline contact us.

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