Introducing a global partnership to help organisations adjust to new recruitment needs

Attrax and RoboRecruiter are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining Attrax’s award-winning careers site system with RoboRecruiter’s next-generation automated engagement for recruiters, candidates and employers.

With the talent acquisition industry being so impacted by the global Covid-19 pandemic in the past weeks, organisations are now recognising the importance of being able to quickly react to their new recruitment needs and ensure the quality of the applications they receive. The Attrax-RoboRecruiter partnership brings together deeply attuned skills in talent attraction, candidate engagement and in application conversions to help support clients through these changing times.

"The Attrax-RoboRecruiter partnership is a powerful combination. RoboRecruiter revolutionises the way in which communication in the recruitment cycle is managed, just like Attrax is a pioneer of careers site systems by being SaaS and using AI to deliver an outstanding and relevant talent experience, personalised employer branding and a strong conversion of candidates into the ATS", said James Saunders, Attrax CEO

"Partnering with Attrax unlocks a wealth of award-winning experience in digitally enhancing the candidate journey. Adding RoboRecruiter’s automated real-time engagement is a significant win-win for our mutual clients and the wider industry.  It has never been more important to ensure talent data doesn’t sit static in the ATS but is activated and up-to-date, so acute and changing hiring needs can be met consistently at scale", said Steve Lewis, RoboRecruiter Global President. 

The Attrax-RoboRecruiter partnership draws together a market leading careers site system which integrates with a website’s ATS and allows employers to attract the most valuable candidates by letting them self-filter themselves out of the application process with the help of RoboRecruiter’s automated conversations. By real-time screening for position, availability, location, skills/salary, businesses can satisfy their new recruitment needs by guaranteeing a positive candidate experience while also creating a shortlist of qualified candidates; all whilst accelerating the process and cutting significant costs.

Find out more about our careers site system here.

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