The recent Covid-19 global pandemic has resulted in significant changes: many sectors are no longer a candidate-driven market and there could be an abundance of active candidates looking for their next role. In other markets, or even within the same business, candidates will be harder to find than they ever were. The real challenge lies in finding the most valuable candidates, irrespective of the role, engaging them and using automation to ensure they are fast-tracked through the best and most efficient experience.

Furthermore, with home working becoming the norm, there are fewer employer brand points of reference for prospective candidates to interact with. Suddenly, your employer brand and your candidate experience – chiefly in your careers site and the engagement process – have become so much more important post Covid-19. 

So how does your careers site system support these changes and deliver on its new role as the ultimate focal point of your employer and candidate experience?

James Saunders, Attrax CEO, and Steve Lewis, RoboRecruiter Global President, take you through a journey by demonstrating how AI, automation and chatbots solve the new talent acquisition challenges with market-leading, real world examples. 

The feedback that we have received since the live session finished has been incredible, so we’d like to offer you the chance to access the recording.

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Our multiple award-winning careers site system converts site visitors into high-quality job applicants. Attrax is built to maximise the visibility of your jobs both on Google and on your careers site system. Fully SaaS, Attrax is powered by the latest AI to deliver an outstanding and relevant talent experience, personalised employer branding and a strong conversion of candidates into the ATS. 

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