This morning it was all hands on deck for Attrax as we took part in the latest edition of Talent Tech Rising, a virtual experience showcasing the most innovative Talent Technology currently available on the marketplace.

James Saunders, Attrax CEO, hosted a well-attended session on maintaining a positive candidate experience in a post pandemic world

In James' own words: 

"The recent global pandemic has resulted in changes to talent acquisition like we have never seen before. Many sectors are no longer a candidate-driven market and there are far more active candidates looking for their next role. In other areas, candidates will be even harder to find, as they’ve gone super passive, secure in their current jobs.

The real challenge is to find the most valuable candidates, irrespective of the role, engaging them and filtering their applications from the rest.

On top of this, in the absence of the physical office environment and face to face interviews, employer brand touch points have reduced and become virtual. 

In this new world, your careers site system has become the focal point for your employer brand and your candidate experience. It’s the single most important employer brand asset you have when hiring. Today we are going to show you how your careers site system can support you with both easy to fill and hard to fill roles. "

In case you missed James' session today - or if you'd like to watch it again - please enjoy the recording below: 

This demo is based on our eBook "Features and functionality of a careers site system". Please feel free to download it.

Why Attrax

Our multiple award-winning careers site system converts site visitors into high-quality job applicants. Attrax is built to maximise the visibility of your jobs both on Google and on your careers site system. Fully SaaS, Attrax is powered by the latest AI to deliver an outstanding and relevant talent experience, personalised employer branding and a strong conversion of candidates into the ATS. 

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