We are delighted to see our careers site system Attrax featured in Talent Tech Labs Ecosystem 9.0 in the new Recruitment Marketing Platform sub-vertical. 

TTL’s Talent Acquisition (TA) Technology Ecosystem 9.0 is a structured graphic visualisation of the recruitment technology marketplace, broken down by hiring stages, purpose, and role. It is the de facto talent acquisition vendor landscape for North America. 

While there is a strong focus on the North American tech landscape, it's great to see some more European names such as Broadbean and Candidate.ID.   

This is a great achievement for the Attrax team, a symbol of our continuous effort in 2020 and where we are heading in 2021.

View the full ecosystem here

Why Attrax

Our multiple award-winning careers site system converts site visitors into high-quality job applicants. Attrax is built to maximise the visibility of your jobs both on Google and on your careers site system. Fully SaaS, Attrax is powered by the latest AI to deliver an outstanding and relevant talent experience, personalised employer branding and a strong conversion of candidates into the ATS. 

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