In the ever-changing recruitment landscape, it can be tricky to respond to growing trends whilst also keeping your ear to the ground for emerging ones. That’s why Attrax have compiled a list of the top recruitment trends which are set to shake things up in 2020. Here are the top seven:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruitment

The purpose of technology is to enhance the role of a hiring manager but not to replace them. Although this is by no means a new topic, the continuous evolution of technology makes 2020 set to be an interesting year for the possibilities of AI in recruitment; we expect to see AI applied right from the pre-screening process up until the onboarding programme. As AI begins removing tedious tasks from a hiring manager’s workload, we’ll see a surge in marketing automation. Powering your careers website with AI enables you to contextualise your webpage content so that you’re aware of where the candidate is in the conversion funnel and you can use this insight to personalise the experience.

2. Talent experience

The talent experience begins right from the moment of sourcing, through all the stages when candidates interact with your careers website and up until the on-boarding process. And a poor experience will not only cost you that one employee, but it will also cost you future employees as bad reviews are more likely to be passed on than good. To provide a candidate experience that rivals your competitors’ experience you need to make it easy for them to apply for your jobs on your careers website. This means making your jobs visible in Google, keeping the application instructions simple, and never a make candidates create an account before they can submit their CV.

3. Digital employer branding

Three in four job seekers will research a company’s brand before they apply - so now more than ever it is important to build a positive reputation to communicate what is it like to work for your company. A powerful tool to do this is a careers website, where you can display employee stories and charity events that you’ve hosted. These give a personal touch to a compelling digital employer brand and let candidates identify whether their values and ethics align with yours.

4. Diversity and accessibility

The discussion surrounding diversity in the workplace has become increasingly popular in recent years, and rightly so. Discussing the topic not only creates a fairer opportunity for candidates but it’s been proven that a diverse workforce is a more profitable one. But hiring managers must take a step back and consider whether the hiring process is equally accessible to all working-age adults. Ask yourself whether there are barriers within your recruitment process – from the online application to the interview stage - that could be preventing candidates with impairments from accessing it. To learn more about creating a careers website that attracts top diverse talent watch our diversity and accessibility webinar.

5. Soft skills

63% of UK companies are affected by the national skills shortage and with the impact that automation is having on the job market, we are seeing a rise in demand for soft skills. Some people are pushing for these skills – which include empathy and communication - to be defined as “essential skills” to better reflect their importance. 2020 is the year to forget about previous experience and instead judge candidates on their ability to adapt because technologies are only going to continue to re-shape the job market.

6. Inbound recruitment using content

Inbound recruitment is all about helping candidates find your company through marketing efforts. In 2020 this approach must be content-led – create powerful content which is relevant to your candidates and post it on social media. This will build your talent pipeline by attracting, converting and engaging passive candidates.

7. Social recruiting

Social recruiting has taken the place of networking at mixers. In 2019 it has become one of the most powerful platforms for recruiting and with the use of social media projected to continue growing, 2020 is the year to invest in your social recruiting. Use platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Glassdoor to establish a personal connection with candidates and make them feel valued; after this initial interaction candidates should then be directed to your careers website where they can get a feel for what your company stands for.

Let Attrax help you navigate the ever-changing landscape

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