Organic traffic references the number of visitors to your site derived from search engine results and is one of the most important sources of site traffic, alongside referral, social, direct, e-mail and the opposite — paid search. There are many benefits and drawbacks to each type of traffic due to the quality of candidates they attract, but each source of traffic is valuable and contributes to the success of your company.

Organic traffic benefits from having a lasting source of traffic as opposed to the inevitable spike and descent of traffic that comes with paid search. It’s cost-effective and can provide a great ROI but can be labour-intensive and more of a long-term strategy than paid solutions are.

The importance and magnitude of organic traffic, especially from Google, can be demonstrated through Google’s five-minute outage in 2013 which decreased web traffic by 40%. It’s clear that a large volume of traffic is sourced from search engines, unsurprising when you hear that there are over 3.5 billion searches made on Google per day.

Many people try to push their search engine rankings higher through black hat SEO practises like keyword-stuffing, duplicating content and cloaking (when your content is completely irrelevant to the title and description). But all these methods have been penalised by Google and other search engines for their malpractice in recent years. So, how can you generate true organic traffic to your careers site and improve the quality of visitors you get?

Create good-quality and consistent content

Content marketing has many proven benefits — one of which is driving relevant traffic to your website. People who search for the topics your content entails (which should be closely related to your business area) are already interested in your sector and therefore more open to engagement. You can convert this engagement into job applications by embedding call to action links throughout your content. Bad, or unrelated leads through other forms of web traffic, can inevitably lead to a higher bounce rate.

By producing professional and knowledgeable content, you can build your employer brand and reputation for being an expert in your field, as well as providing a good user experience through providing useful and free content. In addition, uploading new content regularly is a great way of ranking highly on Google which promotes websites that produce fresh content.  

The benefits are nothing to scoff at as content marketing generates three times as many leads as paid search per pound spent.  

Aim to rank for long-tail key phrases

Instead of competing with giant corporations to rank for highly searched head term keywords, it’s a better strategy to focus on highly-focused search queries which usually convert very well. In fact, long-tail keywords of five words or more contribute to 70% of searches.

You can aim to rank for these long-tail key phrases by tailoring the promotion of your jobs around a specific location — and adding them to your meta title and descriptions. In addition, to find out which keywords you should aim to rank for, using something as simple as Google’s autocomplete feature and “Searches Related To” tab can show you important key phrases for adoption.

Optimise your landing pages to be SEO friendly

The core purpose of using SEO for a careers site is to increase the number of people applying to jobs through your website, and this can be done in two ways. Firstly, you should aim to rank highly on search engines to raise awareness of your brand and the available job opportunities. Secondly, and even more importantly, you should aim to entice those people to click on the link and apply for a job.

By creating landing pages for jobs based on similarities such as location or sector, you can also generate meta titles and meta descriptions that play on these highly-specific long-tail key phrases. Make sure your titles and descriptions contain only the most relevant and inviting information since they can be previewed on search engines and written correctly, can attract the right attention to your jobs.

Organic traffic has been an important aspect of SEO ever since the invention of search engines which revolutionised marketing in a digital age. Its importance only continues to increase as accessibility to search engines are also on the rise. To keep on track with current trends and utilise the 3.5 billion daily searches that are made on Google, follow the tips mentioned and see a substantial increase in your organic traffic and job applications.

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