The UK has an unemployment rate of only 4% — the lowest since 1975. The Office for National Statistics have reported a record-high increase in employment of 141,000 to 32.54 million in the three months to November last year. This is good news for jobseekers as employers have been increasing pay as an incentive to recruit staff during this skills-shortage, but what does this mean for your recruitment business? 

Britain’s booming job market leaves recruitment agencies competing with businesses who hire directly, as well as creating challenges when recruiting for specialist roles. However, there is a silver lining. Those recruiters who see a low unemployment rate and buoyant market as an opportunity – rather than a challenge – can benefit by actively seeking out the market’s top talent and matching them up with niche, difficult-to-fill roles. It’s never been more important to effectively plan and execute your digital recruitment marketing. This can have a dramatic impact on how you attract talent in such a competitive marketplace.

Digital Advertising

There are two huge factors that will influence the digital recruitment advertising market this year. Firstly, Indeed will be turning off organic traffic for recruitment agencies in the UK very soon. This means less traffic for recruitment agencies and for those who decide to spend on Indeed PPC — a hugely competitive platform as many others do the same. Secondly, many job boards are using Google PPC and Google for Jobs as alternatives to Indeed and as a result, these two sources of candidates are also going to become 10 times more competitive than they were six months ago. 


Since 70% of job searches begin on Google, one, if not the most, important aspect of digital marketing includes search engine optimisation (SEO). In an increasingly digital world, it is essential that you innovate your approach to marketing in order to attract high levels of candidate traffic. 94% of all web traffic comes from organic searches, and the first position on Google search results has a 34% click-through rate. This means that despite the declining unemployment rate, there’s a plethora of potential recruits waiting to interact with your business given the opportunity to do so online.

Build your brand

To stand out from competitors, demonstrate your understanding of the candidate demographic and appeal to them, consider using the powerful tool of content marketing. This underrated service does wonders to drive traffic and showcase the unique perspectives of your brand.

Content marketing has been proven to get three times the number of leads against PPC per pound spent. Not only this, but it has longer-lasting effects and lower up-front costs. Building your business brand through content marketing will cement your reputation as knowledgeable in the recruitment industry and increase your digital presence, as well as inciting engagement from active and passive jobseekers.

Another way to create a high-ranking landing page is to promote link-building through targeted and polished content. Consider creating targeted organic and paid client campaigns on established networks to build an audience, drive traffic to the website and generate quality applications.

Increase your conversions rate

After increasing your visibility and traffic, it’s crucial to increase candidate interaction and turn traffic into new recruits. 

To increase your conversion rates, begin to assess what aspects of your marketing campaigns work the best and hone-in on areas for improvement. Great methods of increasing conversion rates include writing well-written copy, providing intriguing job opportunities, using good visuals, breaking up large chunks of text and using competing calls to actions (CTAs) that will increase interactivity.

Bounce rates tend to increase when there is a slow-loading landing page or a convoluted application process. That’s why a main priority of yours should be considering candidate user-experience. There are vast benefits to upgrading to a website-platform that is user-friendly, functional and streamlines your application process for optimal results. 

It all starts with Attrax

With unemployment at an all-time low and an increasingly competitive job market, a strong brand is essential to set you apart from your competitors and attract top-level candidates. That’s why Attrax can provide every client with all the available digital marketing tools. Our unparalleled understanding of the global recruitment market will allow us to enhance your marketing and branding strategies, and our recruitment site system, Attrax is optimised to generate conversions. Contact us today to see how we can help you.