Attrax are excited to unveil two new websites for the rebranded Hanover. Visit the global website here and the USA website here.

Hanover are an executive search recruitment company with over two decades of experience that has seen them expand across the USA, Europe and Asia.

Hanover have a vision to build an identity that demonstrates their evolution towards doing things differently and innovating within their markets.

Why they chose Attrax

Hanover wanted their new websites to better reflect the high-quality service that they provide and tell a story about each of their sectors, so they approached Attrax having seen our ability to provide customer-centric design.

Project aims and actions

This project aimed to take Hanover’s existing website and re-launch it so that the experience was visually enticing and represented them as a powerhouse of excellent market-leading content – demonstrating how they are experts in the field – an established and well-respected brand but with a new exciting edge. In addition to the global site, a brand new US site has been delivered to promote the range of services available across Hanover’s US offices.

Hanover’s new brand was purpose-built, beginning with a new logo following the rename of Hanover from Hanover Search. Attrax developed a new colour palette and created a bespoke library of images which showcases movement and life to reflect Hanover’s high performance and agility. The triangle shapes in the images represent innovation and expertise – all a subtle nod to the Hanover values. Our team developed a new set of iconography to allow website visitors to grasp Hanover’s extensive coverage of sectors and functional expertise. To support this design evolution, Attrax created new video content to communicate Hanover’s new values, career progression and business processes.

A game-changing piece of functionality is the new feature ‘Subscribe to posts’ which allows candidates to sign up to receive content based on their interests. This will help Hanover to regularly engage with their audience and keep the website fresh and interesting. Also, the scrolling navigation functionality you can see here has helped the client to tell a story about each of their sectors to make this an easy and enjoyable experience for the user, navigating between sections relevant to them.

Both Hanover’s new websites are hosted on our award-winning recruitment website system which includes market leading AI and marketing automation, is optimised to rank highly on Google and is endlessly customisable. The system was designed to provide a personalised experience for candidates and thereby boost conversion rates.

Using our system, the team at 4MAT were able to offer a bespoke experience to Hanover, helping them to showcase their market-leading insights and reinforce their standing as industry specialists.

Hanover's testimonial

"Attrax have been a pleasure to work with - from start to finish they ensured the process ran as smoothly as it could. With any rebrand you always run into delays and aspects that change, Attrax were extremely efficient in keeping the project on plan. Would highly recommend." - Jessica Hinton, Marketing & Administration Manager

Attrax are delighted to share the new Hanover websites. Head over to Hanover and Hanover US to see them live.