Attrax are excited to announce the launch of Hobson Prior's new recruitment website!

Hobson Prior are a leading life sciences recruiter, and part of the Independent Clinical Search (ICS) group. Since 2002 they have been matching exceptional professionals with market-leading life sciences companies in over 25 countries.

The expert consultants at Hobson Prior specialise within specific niches, so they wanted a website that better reflected their ability to engage with candidates and clients within these specialised areas.

Why Attrax?

Hobson Prior came to us because of the great working relationship we have with Proclinical - another member of the ICS group and whom we built a careers website for using our careers site system. Our cutting edge design and in-depth knowledge of digital marketing for recruitment businesses were further reasons for Proclinical choosing Attrax when they decided that it was time to upgrade their website.

Project aims and actions

The aim for Hobson Prior’s new website was to ensure that it was balanced for both candidates and clients. The team at Attrax designed a few bespoke pages – such as the employers landing page and job seekers landing page – to allow all visitors to their website to receive a more personalised experience.

Additionally, we wanted to ensure that Hobson Prior’s specialist recruiters were using their expertise in the best way possible, so we designed a bespoke ‘Find a recruiter’ feature. This allows both candidates and clients to enter their details and then be matched with a recruiter who knows their niche market.

The website is hosted on our award-winning system which features a lightning-fast Total Search feature, immersive designs and AI-led personalisation. It was designed to succeed in the modern recruitment market and is Google-for-Jobs friendly — an essential element in increasing traffic and applications in 2019. 

Attrax are very proud to announce the successful launch of Hobson Prior. Curious to see the result? Head over to Hobson Prior now to see it in action.