Earlier this month, Attrax's CEO James Saunders visited the world’s most popular HR/ Talent Acquisition event –the HR Technology Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas.

HR Tech annually gathers HR experts and professionals to discuss how companies can use the latest technology to create a seamless talent experience. Although the 2019 edition ended on Friday 4th October, the lessons learned and key trends will continue all year.

Here are three key takeaways that will have a lasting impact in 2020:  

The demise of end-to-end solutions

As the world-known industry analyst John Bersin mentions in his session “There used to be a very clear strategy of going to the right vendor to get everything you need. Now it’s impossible to get everything from one vendor […]. Vendors that try to do everything can’t keep up”. Simply put, companies are investing in solutions that solve very specific needs as bigger vendors are struggling to “do it all”.

The rise of talent experience

Several speakers dealt with the new concept of talent experience – an expression encompassing both candidate experience and employee experience. From the moment individuals check your careers website for vacancies to the moment after they have left and are ready to leave a positive review, it is all part of a seamless experience for them. Companies need to step up and be able to offer a smooth experience for their employees throughout the employment cycle. 

Embrace AI in recruitment

According to John Bersin AI is becoming ubiquitous in HR technology and a lot of vendors are incorporating it into their products. It is easy for HR and Talent Acquisition teams to get overwhelmed by all the technological changes they are encouraged to adopt. Tools like AI should not be perceived as frightening given the lasting positive impact they can have on the talent experience.  

The popular hospitality giant Hilton has integrated AI in the recruitment process: their video interview tools use predictive intelligence to quickly analyse and place candidates in roles where they can flourish. Sarah Smart, Hilton’s VP Global Recruitment, has testified that the time needed to fill a vacancy went down from six weeks to one week, that Hilton has 400% more offers and that their turnover rate has significantly declined as a result of incorporating AI.

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