Artificial intelligence (AI) means robots, right? Actually, it’s not all that futuristic – in fact, AI is integrated into our lives already, most notably in the form of predictive searches. AI is like a train that’s been slowly gaining momentum and it’s beginning to take control of the direction that businesses go in. Talent acquisition professionals are noticing the benefits of using it in the hiring process, meaning that those who do not board the AI train will be left behind as their competitors watch them from the rear-view mirror.

AI undoubtedly helps companies attract top talent, but the benefits do not stop there. We’ll be taking a look at the other aspects of the hiring process that AI optimises, and why you should get on board.

What do we mean by AI?

Our careers site system uses AI to create a relevant experience for candidates by utilising machine learning. Total Search uses algorithms to predict the most relevant results based on other similar searches - getting visitors to the content more quickly than traditional search. AI starts to build a visitor’s profile from the minute they land on a website; the information is then used to deliver the most relevant jobs, blogs and imagery through banners and content widgets. The website learns from the candidates’ previous activity, thereby mimicking human intelligence and solving cognitive problems.

Why is an AI-integrated careers site so important?

When candidates click through onto our clients’ websites the system gathers information on who they are; it looks at the job category, location and market for example. Using this profile, we are then able to tailor the content of the website so that it is unique to every candidate. For example, if a prospect lands on a marketing manager job-page they might be shown on the side a blog titled “A day in the life of a marketing manager”. The goal is to display relevant blogs and related jobs so that life is made easy for the candidate and they do not have to search for vacancies.

Total Search and visitor profiling are fundamental for converting talent, helping the right people to apply and filtering out those who aren’t suitable. Why relinquish control of this candidate data to a job board? Keep your careers site at the heart of everything you do to ensure you’re not only owning your candidate information, but also using it in the best way.

More highly targeted individuals

Using Attrax, Vodafone’s careers site saw a result of 24% of unique visitors completing applications. AI ensures that unique content is displayed to potential candidates - providing a personalised prospect experience which encourages candidates to complete their applications. Not only will this increase your conversion rate but since candidates are supplying their details, the process also builds your talent pipeline. From here you can advertise jobs to prospects even if they have started an application and abandoned it.

The benefits don’t stop there

AI can be used to collate candidate information and reduce the time recruiters spend on technology-based tasks. This frees up more time to pursue leads and dedicate efforts to providing a top-level service. Another major benefit of using AI is the possibility of it removing unconscious bias in the recruitment process. If this intelligence can create a fairer process and eliminate the risk of discrimination, then it stands to be a valuable tool for recruiting.

What direction will AI take us in?

As it begins to present more solutions to finding the best talent and saving time, we will witness AI becoming more widespread in the recruitment landscape. Processes will become more automated and candidates will be offered an increasingly personalised experience. Companies that fail to adopt AI may find their competitors sourcing prospects and placing them before said company has generated any leads - therefore AI has the potential to dramatically reduce time-to-hire.

All aboard

AI is a train, and it is steaming ahead. The driving force is pulling all companies in the direction that it wants. If you don’t get on board it won’t wait for you. Fall behind and you’ll find it extremely difficult to catch up with your competitors.

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