Gen Z - those born between 1996 and present - are forgoing university and entering the workforce earlier than previous generations have. As a result, they will comprise 36% of the global workforce by 2020 – which is alarmingly soon. You’ve just wrapped your head around how to hire millennials, and now you’ve got to adapt the process again for the arrival of the next generation. Are you ready?

If you’re not then you need to start thinking about what separates Gen Z from the older generations, including Millennials, and then use this knowledge to personalise the hiring process. This will show the new cohort of workers that you’re flexible to change and willing to meet their needs. And the result? Attracting and sourcing the best talent, which is a process that we strongly advocate companies to take an active approach towards.

Here are five things that you should consider when hiring Gen Z:

They’re different from Millennials too

Millennials are those born in the years 1980 to 1994. Their impact on the workforce has been igniting the conversation about generational differences, which has forced companies to rethink their traditional hiring processes. With the arrival of Gen Z there are now four generations in the workplace so it’s more important than ever to understand the behavioural differences at every level. That includes identifying disparities between recruiting Millennials and Gen Z.

Gen Z were raised during the 2008 Great Recession and have witnessed Millennials struggle with mounting student debt and difficulty even getting their foot on the first rung of the property ladder. It’s no surprise then that Gen Z are more focused on financial stability and finding their dream job, while Millennials view their job as a way to fund their experiences With this in mind, how could you adapt your application process to appeal to Gen Z? Read on.

They have different expectations for an interview

Baby Boomers and Generation X were job seekers in a time of high unemployment rates. This caused interviews to become a highly competitive test where candidates would have to prove themselves to be the best hire. Whilst that remains true a new dimension is emerging. Gen Z perceive interviews as a discussion about what your company can offer them. Therefore, interviews and the rest of the hiring process are an opportunity to tell candidates why they should work with you. The key strategy is to sell your company in terms of what Gen Z values. So, do you know what those are?

They learned to swipe before they could speak

Being younger than the internet, Gen Z haven’t known a time when we weren’t digitally connected. For 78%, their smartphone is their preferred device to search the internet and they’re seeking more mobile-friendly job applications. So, an all-around accessible careers site is a powerful tool for attracting top talent. A website with an easy-to-navigate design will simplify the application process and boost your conversion rate.

Moreover, since Gen Z spend more time on YouTube than any other generation, this is a great platform to get them engaging with your brand. Employee testimonials are a fun way to show why your company is great to work for.

You need to promote diversity

The youngest generation saw huge changes during their childhood which have shaped our global society: Obama became the first African American President, 30 countries passed the same-sex marriage act, and paid paternity leave was introduced in the UK. This has led Gen Z to adopt a more progressive worldview –77% say they may reconsider working for a company displaying a low level of diversity. If your company can represent the spectrum of differences in society, you will appeal to this younger generation. The benefit? A more diversified talent pipeline. Listen to our webinar to learn how your careers site can drive diversity and accessibility.

CSR and company culture are very important to them

Gen Z are not happy with the state of the world they’re inheriting. They have a global consciousness and want to see companies doing their part. This new generation favour products made by companies that demonstrate CSR, as Nike has done with its Equality campaign. Understandably, Gen Z are now considering whether a company takes its CSR seriously before they apply for a job. A recent study by BRITA found the CSR objective that matters most to this generation is an environmentally-friendly workplace.

At the same time, Gen Z are looking to assess whether you have a good company culture too - 53% of Gen Z will not take a job if there aren’t positive relationships in the office. It’s important to develop your company culture and communicate to potential candidates that you are a CSR-minded company.

Attrax can help you attract top talent

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