Bullhorn’s recent report ‘The State of Recruitment Marketing in 2018’ threw up some interesting statistics about the recruitment industry: namely, that the ‘Pay-Per-Click’ method of attracting candidates to peoples’ websites has fallen, with 34% of firms now allocating a lower budget towards it. 

While this might sound startling in itself, other areas of recruitment marketing have expanded to compensate: now, the issue on the top of many recruiters’ lists is social media and organic presence, with 60% of agencies deciding to increase their budget on funding traffic through these channels. 

There’s a lot behind this dramatic shift in priorities. Though PPC is of course still an important aspect of many recruiters’ marketing strategies, giving you high visibility on Google and sites like Indeed, and thereby encouraging browsers to click on the link to your careeers site, many companies are starting to build their brand in spaces that don’t require the same level of investment to attain the same level in traffic.

Top of this list would appear to be social media, and it’s no surprise. With 59% of candidates using social media to research companies that they’re interested in, and 48% of them using social media to search for their most recent job, it’s clear that putting the effort into your social media strategy can really pay off for people who are prepared to invest time and money into getting it right. 

More of us than ever are online, and more of us than ever are logging onto social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share everything from our interests to the most recent events in our lives. Is it any wonder, then, that these platforms are a goldmine for recruiters? Done correctly, Facebook’s targeted job ads can get hundreds of clicks, whilst a single post on an account with thousands of followers can get thousands of views- all for free. With hundreds of users wielding massive influence thanks to their huge followings, today’s views are gained through social media views.

Indeed, social media is a boon for recruiters- as long as you’re ready for it. Not only can you let candidates find you- and your vacancies- but you can also help to sell candidates on your brand, and on your company culture, before they even set foot in the door. And, if done correctly, it’s completely free.

Making the most of social media

The key to attracting candidates is creating a space that will engage them. Alongside your job vacancies, take the time to create curated social media posts that inform candidates about life at your company- such as company events or birthdays- as well as sharing articles or blogs from your careers site about industry matters. You could even get creative and stand out with infographics or videos- after all, jobs get 36% more applications if they’re accompanied by a recruiting video. Above all, get savvy about your analytics, and monitor what works- and what doesn’t- so you can improve on it.

With the recruitment industry changing, it’s time to start investing in the future- and though PPC is still an important part of any recruitment strategy, recruiters are starting to discover channels that let you do the same, whilst boosting their employer brand at the same time.

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