How can you be sure that your marketing is targeting the right people?

Not only is this a huge question for marketers, but for recruiters, too. In an industry where finding the right job can depend massively on location- and making the dream hire can depend on how widely you advertise it- it can sometimes be a struggle to know whether the jobs you’re putting live, the posts that you’re scheduling on social media- and increasingly, the banners that you’re creating for your careers site- are appearing to and engaging the right audience.

With Internet marketing budgets growing at their lowest rate since 2015, companies need to be smart about how they advertise their vacancies if they want their work to have the same impact as previously.

Enter geotargeting. Location-based technology is opening up whole new avenues for marketers, allowing people to control what information is shown to which candidates or viewers depending on their location- whether that’s defined by country, county or post code. If you really want to, it can even be done by ‘geo-fencing’, which uses a phone’s GPS signal to target their location.

Though geo-targeting has long been a feature for certain social media platforms- such as Facebook, which allows you to tailor who sees certain advertisements or promotions according to a vast range of filters based on the data that Facebook holds on its users- it’s also starting to make the leap to careers sites, allowing in-house resourcers to set up campaigns which are much more likely to appeal to a certain audience- or target people near to the location of a new vacancy. By doing so, you’ll likely get a much higher level of relevant, useful applications.

Though it’s a relatively new piece of functionality, it’s an invaluable extra to have on your website if you’re hoping to attract a high quality of applicant- or one that's highly specific to an area. These days, it's not just about hiring space on peoples' websites or targeting them on social media: it can be done from the comfort of your own careers or recruitment website.

How can you make the most out of geotargeting?

A good place to start would be to experiment with different languages. Match the page- or banner- language to that of the country that you’ll be targeting, as well as converting the salary to the right currency, if you have it. The great thing about geo-targeting is that you’re essentially running several different campaigns in several different countries, so you have room to experiment with images, and text, which you can change or tailor to see what works. It also helps if the wording and imagery that you use on your banners are the same as the ones you use on social media. 

What are we doing about it?

We’re always up for any new features that will enable our clients to better attract and engage candidates, and this is no different. Our award-winning careers site system allowes you to target the right candidates as an integral part of your marketing strategy.

It’s time to get experimenting. 

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