The recruitment industry is currently facing its largest challenge in quite some time: employment. The unemployment rate in the UK is the lowest that it’s been in forty years, and as such there’s a dearth of talented candidates in the market: so much so that recruitment companies and employers alike are having to compete as never before to attract the best talent ahead of their competition. 

 One way in which this is being done is through the power of the recruitment process. Alongside better marketing, 46% of employers have reduced the length of their hiring process, in order to attract candidates to apply for their jobs. And it’s no wonder: the Internet is almost ubiquitous in our daily lives, and the presence of instant gratification via our smartphones and computers means that attention spans are lower than they’ve ever been. Shorter than a goldfish, if rumours are to be believed.

So how can we attract candidates? 

Though of course any resourcer or recruiter needs a base level of information if they want to accurately match candidates with jobs that are well-suited to them, careers websites have been undergoing somewhat of a transformation as of late. Increasing numbers of employers are recognising that their old ATS systems are badly equipped to give candidates a user experience that will encourage them to complete their job application. Indeed, many of these older systems require candidates to undergo a time-intensive, often unnecessary process, which means that many won’t finish applying.

Today, investing an up-to-date careers site with a ‘one-click’ application is becoming a much more popular approach to hiring: candidates can upload their CV and cover letter and send them off with ‘one click’ rather than investing time filling out a multitude of different boxes. Similarly, recruiters can ask a potential applicant to simply send off their CV, which they can then upload to their database before contacting the candidate should a suitable vacancy come along.  when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. 

A new way of applying to jobs

It’s not just the application process itself either. Companies and agencies are competing with each other to introduce the fastest, most low-hassle way of applying to jobs in order to lure more candidates to their sites. Though social media is becoming an extremely popular way of advertising vacancies to the millions of candidates looking for jobs, some believe that the next frontier of ‘sped-up recruitment’ is recruitment apps where you can pre-upload your CV and job preferences, after which an AI supplies you with a list of one-click application vacancies. 

Is it the future? Perhaps. Today’s recruiters are currently sticking to more tried-and-tested methods, like Psychometric Testing, mobile optimised websites and video interviews as a way of speeding up the interview process. But, as technology advances apace, it pays to keep on top of the latest trends.Watch this space!

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