On the 29th March 2019, the UK will leave the European Union, bringing an end to decades of partnership after the vote to leave. With such a massive political transition comes its fair share of confusion and deal wrangling, as UK industries try to understand just what the effects of the deal might mean for their company, their sector and their future.

One of these sectors is the recruitment industry, which is very much dependent on the overall health of the economy. As a result, Brexit has many recruiters worried about what any potential political turmoil could mean for the candidate market, and for the companies looking to hire those candidates. And it’s not just recruiters that are worried: 34% of candidates are worried about their job security as a result of Brexit, and many businesses are thinking about getting around leaving the single market by opening satellite offices abroad, thus reducing their staff numbers within the UK.

What does this mean for the recruitment industry? 

Recent statistics have shown a hiring boom over the past few months, but this could in fact be down to employers scrambling to find skilled employees before Brexit is finalised. Indeed, many overseas nationals are looking to leave the country, citing increased insecurity and uncertainty over their rights in the new post-Brexit Britain as motivations for doing so; this points to an eventual skills shortage that many recruiters would do well to prepare for. In the UK, meanwhile, employers are scrambling to make hiring plans for an economy which 33% of them predict will get worse in the future.

This uncertain market could also spell a change for the way in which recruiters do business. After all, with a hiring shortage and nervous candidates less likely to leave their jobs, recruiters have a challenge on their hands when it comes to sourcing fresh talent. With employees looking to be increasingly ill prepared for Brexit- indeed, 72% of them said that their employers hadn’t spoken to them about what it might mean for their business- recruiters need to think on their feet and outside the box in order to convince candidates to join them.

Indeed, recruiters will likely find themselves playing a much more informative role to potential candidates than in the past- especially given the lack of knowledge about what Brexit could mean for the industry. By giving people news, reassurance and keeping them up to date with what changing jobs might mean for their careers, recruiters will be better equipped to calm nerves, and convince people that making the leap to a new job might well still be a good idea. 

Though of course nothing is certain about Brexit- it’s a fast-changing situation, about which new information is emerging all the time- being informative, helpful and being able to pre-empt client needs when it comes to recruiting new candidates will stand recruiters in good stead when it comes to weathering the worst of what Brexit has to offer.

Given that hiring opportunities are still available across the board, firms are still recruiting and the economy is performing well, it’s not time to panic just yet.

But it is time to prepare.

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