It’s no secret that technology has transformed everything from the way in which we pay for things, to the way we spend out leisure time, to the way in which we do business. The same is exactly true of the recruitment industry: with software getting ever smarter, recruiters are turning to the latest gadgets and functionality to give them the edge in the competitive market. 

But how to gain the edge in a market where the UK’s employment rate is reaching new highs- and shrinking the talent pool as it goes? Many are doing so by turning to the latest technologies to help revolutionise their hiring process, from sourcing to attracting, and eventually onboarding, candidates. And though some of them look obscure, they’re rapidly gaining attention.

Here’s what you should be watching out for.

Big data analysis

Big Data seems to be this year’s buzzword- and for a good reason. The ability to gather huge amounts of data from around the internet, and from your clients’ activity on your recruitment site, using big data makes you twice as likely to improve your recruitment strategy, and three times as likely to reduce costs and gain efficiency in the way you go about it. By cribbing data from around the Internet, it’s something that everybody can do- and will help you predict trends in the market, and the mood of your customer base, among other things. 

By using systems like Hadoop to gather large amounts of data, you can refine the way in which you use it to find the right people for vacancies, or filter your search still further. The Internet is your oyster.

Artificial Intelligence

However, in order to make the most of this big data, many companies are also investing in AI systems to automate crucial parts of the recruitment process. Indeed, 80% of executives think that AI can improve productivity and performance within their companies, whilst a recent report suggested that AI will be responsible for the automation of 800 million jobs globally by 2030. 

It’s also incredibly versatile: from sifting through big data- and finding specific keywords in people’s CVs- to find the perfect candidates, to helping tackle unconscious bias by adjusting the screening criteria in your recruitment software, it’ll help you make better hiring decisions. You’ll be able to target the right people in your marketing strategies, and even screen candidates based on their job history. By using a software programme, you’ll be able to automate your recruitment process, which will help give you the edge in a market where 54% of recruiters think that the challenge of building a workforce with the right skills will get much harder in the future.

The Cloud

The rise of internet-based storage has given people all over the world the chance to back up and access their data immediately, from all over the world- and offers huge opportunities for recruiters, too. Given that the process of sourcing, interviewing and hiring fresh talent can be very time-consuming, having that data to hand allows viewers to react much more quickly to client requests, whilst multiple people can look at candidate applications at the same time, thus speeding up the efficiency of the hiring process.


Gamification is what happens when you apply game theory and game designs to engage and motivate people to completing your set goal. In terms of recruitment, it’s gaining traction as a method of increasing candidate applications, primarily by engaging candidates with things like quizzes on the industry you operate in, or by personalising the candidate experience to the point that they are engaged by your brand. 

It can also be a goldmine for recruiters wanting to find candidates who fit the demands of the role, and company culture- by seeing how these candidates perform in virtual tests, games or quizzes, potential candidates get an idea of what the demands of the job are like, resulting in a better quality of application for employers and recruiters alike. 

Mobile recruitment

Have you optimised your recruitment site for mobile job-seekers? Even though 70% of jobseekers use their phone to look for a job, less than half of recruitment sites have upgraded their sites to reflect that. Given that mobile traffic is a huge- and growing- part of online recruitment, it pays to invest time and effort into making sure your site is responsive, and has just as good a user experience as when people browse on your desktop. If done right, it will pay dividends a hundredfold.

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