Employer branding is gradually coming to the forefront of many employers’ recruitment strategies. In an industry where 36% of companies are experiencing talent shortages, and unemployment rates in the UK are at a low ebb, the race to find and hire talented candidates is fiercer than ever. And given that these skills shortages are costing British businesses up to £2bn a year, it’s a problem that many employers are keen to solve.

How do you attract the best candidates in an overcrowded market? Through employer branding.

Businesses are starting to recognise the value of their employees when it comes to standing out amongst their competitors. Job applicants want to work at a company with a good work life balance and company culture- something that 95% of the newest generation of employees, millennials, say is important to them. 

Given that candidates trust employees three times more than the employer itself when it comes to providing information on a certain company, it’s a source of marketing that’s well worth tapping into. This is especially true given its benefits to employers: employee turnover can also be reduced by 28% if companies invest in their employer brand. Indeed, employees who have a more realistic idea of what it’s like to work for your company are more likely to apply for jobs with you, and be a good cultural fit once they’re hired. 

And the first stop for many of these potential job applicants is your careers site. In a market where 27% of candidates want to learn about your culture from your site- and 53% say it’s their first port of call when they’re applying for a job- you need to make sure that your careers site holds everything those candidates need to know about why it’s great to work for you.

If you want to build up a reputation as a place where people love to work, then you need to tap into the potential that your employees have in connecting with both passive and active candidates.

How? Give candidates what they want: 35% of them say that employee testimonials are the most valuable piece of recruitment marketing content that they see when evaluating a prospective job opportunity. For countrywide employer npower, the answer lay in harnessing employee stories on their careers site through interviews, testimonial-style videos, and day-in-the-life videos of what a job was really like every day. 

By asking employees from different departments what they liked about working for them, and letting them tell their own story about life at the company, prospective applicants could find out what life was like at the company that they were considering applying to. By letting employees tell their own stories, and encouraging them to share these on social media, npower could tell an authentic message and share it more widely than they could on their own. After all, messages sent from an employee’s social media profile reach further and have more impact than anything your company’s official social media channels push out: an approach shared by 52% of potential job hunters.

For npower, this approach worked. Including employee testimonials and interviews on social media and their careers website boosted application rates and improved their quality of hire- as well as helping to make their employer brand a success in the competitive world of candidate recruitment. 

For companies wanting to do the same, it’s time to tap into the power of the employee story. 

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