Though graduate season is traditionally in September, attracting fresh talent should be a company’s priority all year around. 

And having a strategy in place is especially important if you’re hoping to attract the best new employees. With the country’s top employers increasing their graduate recruitment by 4.3% in 2017- a trend that looks set to increase, given the competitiveness of the market- employers need to do all they can to stand out from the crowd and attract the best young professionals, who will be able to contribute to and make their mark on their role in coming years. 

One failsafe way to do this is with a careers site. Endlessly adaptable, a careers site lets you showcase the best of your employer brand alongside the best functionality- and here’s what you need to pay attention to if you want to net yourself some fresh talent from next year’s graduate pool.

Work on your speed

Having a website that loads quickly is invaluable in terms of stopping candidate drop-off. 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, and this is especially true of today’s technology-savvy generation, who have grown up with almost-instant access to the Internet. Though their famously-short attention spans might be more of a myth than reality, it’s true that the plethora of other recruitment opportunities out there means that this piece of functionality is one that you should fix before people start getting exasperated with your load time.

It’s all about the story

How can you attract the best candidates? By getting them invested in the idea of life in your company. Millennials are picky about who they want to work for: 36% of them have said that the reputation of the organisation they applied to influenced their decision on whether or not to accept their current job. Indeed, investing time in your employer branding is vital if you want to sell them the role. Tell your viewers a story: film other graduates talking about their experience of the graduate scheme, doo interview with new starters, and let them tell their story about their experience of life at the company. Given that candidates trust employees three times more than any employer when it comes to providing information about working at a company, let your graduates do the speaking for you- and tell others why you are the place to go.

For more insights on this, check out our article on the power of the employee story.

Get social 

How active are you on social media? More and more of us are logging into sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter every day, and with hundreds of thousands of students networking and jobhunting on LinkedIn especially, there’s no better way to attract new potential employees than on these popular networking platforms. 

Now is the time to integrate your social media with your careers site. By showing Facebook posts on your website, you can encourage people to share your jobs and content, and follow your social media profiles; likewise, by posting on Facebook, you’ll be whetting peoples’ appetites and getting them to click through to the website. With around three quarters of all UK adults on social media, there’s no excuse for not getting involved, and taking advantage of the opportunities it can give you when reaching out to Internet-savvy graduates. 

Make it easy to apply

Today’s job-hunters want application processes that are quick and simple to fill out. This is especially for graduates: hunting for any job is stressful, but graduates need to balance completing their degree with applying for multiple opportunities at the same time. Make it easy for them- and increase your application completion rate- by cutting out the number of unnecessary stages in your application. Aim for two: perhaps uploading their CV and cover letter, and adding basic details. After all, the more work you ask them to do, the less likely they’ll be to do it- and the more information you’ll have to trawl through to find your ideal candidate.

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