SEO can be a complex- and time consuming- strategy to get right, especially in the busy world of recruitment. Though it might be easier to disregard it, there are plenty of reasons that you should be making SEO your top priority for 2018.

With Google accounting for over 79% of all global desktop search traffic last year, the levels of traffic you pull into your recruitment website is almost solely reliant on how well your website ranks on its search result rankings. Taking the time to get to grips with your SEO is therefore well worth the effort, especially if you want to ensure that your website will thrive in the competitive market. And the On the Edge Marketing Expo I presented at yesterday was a great example of how important it is that marketers make the most of this versatile and incredibly useful tool. 

With huge changes on the horizon for the recruitment industry, here are some more reasons that you should be turning to tags, keywords and metadata to secure your place in Google’s search engine rankings.

1. Google for Jobs is coming

The biggest reason to start planning is the upcoming launch of Google for Jobs in the UK. Since launching in the US last June, Google has taken the recruitment industry by storm with its newest project- and looks to do the same over here. Essentially a widget that plugs into Google’s search engine results, above the Organic Results, it acts as a job aggregator that pulls in job postings around the internet and lets candidates browse them at leisure. It can filter jobs by distance, salary, location and it also lets you apply to that job via any website that job is posted on, whether job board or recruitment website.

With Google essentially acting as the industry’s newest- and likely most influential- job aggregator, it’s vital that you ensure your recruitment website ranks if you want to outcompete fellow recruitment agencies and show higher on Google- thereby increasing your chances of being clicked on. The easiest way to do this is by investing time in your SEO: it’s free, and, if done correctly, you’ll feel the benefits of it for years to come. 

For more information about Google for Jobs, check out our plethora of resources here

2. Google has the best quality candidates

Over 70% of all job searches start on Google. That’s a lot of applications, but in amongst the thousands of job hunters that aren’t suitable for your vacancies are the candidates that it’s worth taking the time to attract. According to many of our own clients, traffic that comes in directly from Google often provides the best-quality candidates, whose job searches will bring up a recruitment agency’s website directly- thus letting them browse the site, read your content and finally find the job that’s best suited to their interests. 

If you want to attract good quality candidates, having a good recruitment website that can attract and engage the right kind of people is essential, as it lets them find the job that’s right for them- or even send off their CV to your recruiters, thus providing you with good-quality candidates for future vacancies, thus increasing your talent pipeline.

That journey starts with your visibility on Google. 

3. It's time to join the crowd

If you think you’d be in good company in putting SEO to the back of your mind, you’d be wrong: 80% of recruitment businesses will be investing in SEO this year, according to a recent poll conducted at an APSCo event. Though some initially confessed to being sceptical, many businesses said they would be decreasing their spending on Indeed and other job boards in favour of boosting their SEO, after a presentation which discussed the implications of the changing market and the changing influence of job aggregators like Indeed. 

Businesses all over the market are investing in building websites that are SEO-optimised. These coming months, make sure you’re one of them.

Get prepared with Attrax

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