It’s been a year of innovation within the recruitment industry, and the frantic pace of change shows no signs of letting up soon: following hot on the heels of Google’s launch of Google for Jobs in America, and just before its imminent rollout in the UK, job aggregator Indeed has announced the launch of a brand-new job search experience.

Starting this month, the updates to Indeed’s American site offer candidates a new way of navigating and exploring jobs: if you log onto Indeed using a laptop, or a desktop computer screen, then the screen will effectively be split into two. One side will display a scrolling list of jobs, and the filters that influence which job you see, and the other half offers a comprehensive look at the job that you’ve selected, opening up the job description, company ratings and salary estimates of your chosen vacancy.

Indeed say that their edits have been made in the interest of helping jobseekers find high quality jobs quickly and easily, which in turn has boosted activity and engagement rates. These changes have come on top of a design overhaul, as Indeed has streamlined their website and candidate offering. The changes are also similar in design to Google for Jobs, especially given the similarity in format between Indeed’s ‘split screen’ and Google for Jobs’ method of displaying its vacancies.

What will the impact of this new approach likely be? By cutting out the need to travel to third party sites, employers and recruitment agencies for its browsers, we’re expecting to see less traffic from Indeed. However, there is a silver lining: the candidates will likely also be better quality, as they will have done their browsing on Indeed before applying to or selecting the job, so it’s still worth investing time into a comprehensive Indeed paid advertising campaign.

Whatever the future holds, it will be interesting to see what impact Indeed’s new job search strategy will have on the market- and on consumers.

Read Indeed’s article in full here.