Officially classed as ‘a person reaching adulthood in the early 21st century’, Millennials will make up 50% of the global workforce by 2020, bringing new attitudes, fresh pairs of eyes, and new ways of doing business with them as they go. As comfortable using technology as their older peers are in the boardroom, Millennials are rapidly climbing the ranks within the market- and they could be just the shot of fresh blood and enthusiasm that your workforce needs. And given that the cost of replacing each Millennial employee is around £18,000, knowing how to engage a notoriously fickle workforce has never been more important. 

But how to attract them? With many of them still at the beginning of their careers, and looking for new opportunities to grow and flourish, recruiters and employers need to recognise what motivates the younger generation if they want to appeal to, and eventually hire, them.

Here's what you need to know.

1) They’re tech-savvy

Millennials are known as the ‘digital’ generation, after all- and if your recruitment strategy doesn’t reflect this then you won’t attract them. Given that 62% of Millennials visit a company’s social media sites to find out information about jobs- and most of that browsing is done via their mobile phones- it’s clear that investing time into building a strong digital marketing strategy will pay off when it comes to attracting new online attention. 

Make sure that you regularly post jobs and content online, and ensure that your company site is up to scratch: in the age of Google, it’s more important than ever to give candidates an excellent user experience- especially a mobile-responsive website- to stop them from immediately turning to your competitors, so a new careers site bursting with relevant content could go a long way to attracting large numbers of traffic.

2) Your company culture is important

Company culture is important to the wellbeing of all employees, but it’s especially important to Millennials. Having grown up effectively connected to millions of people via the Internet and social media networks, Millennials like to feel like they’re a part of something: indeed, 88% of them consider a positive culture to be an essential part of their dream job- and that includes employee benefits like health insurance and discounted gym memberships. They’re much more likely to accept a job if they feel like it would suit their personality and working style, than for money alone, so if you want to appeal to them try posting reviews and company insights on your careers site and social media to show them what life is really like in the company. After all, somebody who doesn’t fit in is as much a problem for you, the employer, as it is for the employee.

3) They’re easily bored

Though shortening attention spans remain a controversial topic, it’s undoubtedly true that long, cumbersome application processes put off people, especially Millennials. An old, clunky interface with bad search capabilities and time-consuming boxes that you need to fill out before applying will result in a massive candidate drop-off rate. Now is the time to adopt a faster, more up-to-date recruitment process- one that is quick and easy to use, and easy for people to apply to. 

4) They’re flexible

For many Millennials, success is defined by a good work-life balance- and that includes flexible working. With 75% of Millennials wanting more opportunities to work remotely, or work flexibly, and technology blurring the boundaries between home and the workplace, it’s easier than ever to do so. Employers are now going out of their way to deliver it, too, and with flexible hours being a top reason for Millennials accepting a job offer, it’s a policy worth introducing- as much for your current staff as for the ones you’re hoping to attract!

5) They’re ambitious

In a marketplace where 65% of young workers feel like their workplaces have rigid hierarchies and outdated management styles, Millennials stand out due to their ambition. Many expect to climb the ladder much more quickly than any of their predecessors, and as a result having career development opportunities are a must if you want to attract- and retain- any star hires. Whether it’s through regular feedback sessions, or a clearly-laid-out plan which details how they can expect to move up in the company, Millennials want to know how quickly they can advance. Giving them the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, therefore, is a must.

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