The key to attracting top-quality candidates in a recruitment market as competitive as the one we have these days is by making them want to apply to your vacancies. Given that 62% of employers feel that today’s market is candidate-driven, you need to streamline your talent acquisition process if you want to attract the best candidates in the market- especially as job aggregators like Indeed and Monster give candidates the ability to skip from vacancy to vacancy like they’re shopping for clothes. 

With 2017 marking a forty-two year low in UK unemployment, the competition to fill vacancies this year is likely to be fierce. You need to do everything you can if you want to find and retain talent; consequently, here are some strategies you should be implementing to give yourself the best start possible in 2018.

1) Work on your candidate experience

Nearly 60% of candidates have had a poor candidate experience- and of those, 72% have shared that experience with other people, either online or directly. Candidate experience matters: it impacts your reputation in the recruitment market, and it can also be the factor that incites a candidate to accept or reject your job offer.

Candidate experience covers the entire recruitment process, from the job portal you use to get people to apply to your vacancies, to the feedback that you offer after the interview. Surprisingly, this is also something that few companies really work on, with four out of five candidates saying that the candidate experience they receive during an application process is an indicator of how a company values its people. 

With huge ramifications for your hiring strategy, your reputation and your quality of hire, this is something that companies need to work on improving if they want to attract the top talent in the market.

2) What’s your employer brand?

Do you know how other people view your brand online? Sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Indeed have made it easier than ever for candidates and employees to post reviews about their experience working for your company, and this has a massive impact on how potential job applicants view the business. 

Take control of your social media accounts: use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to build your online following by posting information that’s relevant to your sector, replying to queries and reaching out to potential candidates. People want to work for a company that gives back to its employees, so make sure you let people know about all the things you do by sharing employee testimonials, benefits packages, days out or videos of life at the office.

Given that 69% of people are more likely to apply to a job if an employer actively manages its brand, it’s time to get online and start curating your image.

3) Look to passive candidates 

Passive candidates make up a massive 75% of global job candidates. A huge amount of the workforce admit to searching for jobs, or being open to new opportunities- sometimes within months of starting their new job. They represent some of your most promising hires, but many employers and recruiters prefer to hire active candidates instead.

This year, why not take a new approach? With passive candidates increasingly aware of the other opportunities opening up in the job market, and using a wide variety of social media platforms to do so, perhaps it’s time to start reaching out to this massive audience with tailored job alerts, social media and emails. Use your careers site’s blog to offer information that will get people coming to your website- and perhaps staying, if a job catches their eye. By curating a pipeline of passive talent, you’ll be able to reach out to the perfect recruit when the right vacancy for them comes along.

At Attrax, we pride ourselves on knowing the recruitment market inside out, and on innovating our careers sites to attract and retain candidates in the changing market.