Do you know how much free organic traffic you get from Indeed?

That might be about to change.

Last week, job aggregator Indeed made a shock announcement to recruitment agencies across America. As of January 7th 2019, Indeed would be deactivating Organic Traffic across their platform. Instead, all recruitment agencies in the US and Canada will be required to sponsor their job vacancies. No money? No visibility.

As you might expect, this was a shock decision for the recruitment giant. This new policy, which affects ‘Recruiting Firms, Placement Firms or Headhunters’ as well as Staffing Agencies, will therefore have a huge effect on the jobs market. After all, recruitment agencies make up a significant part of Indeed’s client base, and a move to alienate them in this way could be seen as risky, especially given the fresh rollout of Google for Jobs across the US, Canada and the UK- which was seen by many to encroach on Indeed’s territory. 

Could a similar development be heading across the pond shortly?

If you’re not preparing for something similar to happen in the UK, perhaps it’s time to start: and we’re expecting Indeed to make their announcement here fairly shortly. 

However, though this might sound worrying, it also creates opportunities for those who prepare in advance. 

It’s no longer good enough just to have Indeed: after all, any money you spend will simply drive traffic to your site. If you want to invest in the future, it’s time to invest in upgrading your website. Take stock of your candidate UX, features and functionality, and improve them to attract more organic visitors via Google- for free- and in converting the ones that do browse your jobs. Invest in your own platform, and get more out of what you have. As a result, you’ll get more return on investment, and avoid relying on Indeed to supply your candidates- often at a premium.

For recruitment agencies, it’s time to look to the future. Are you prepared?

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