From January 7th 2019, Indeed will stop scraping your jobs. In technical terms this means they will be deactivating organic traffic across their platform in the USA. The UK won’t be far behind and for many job boards this is already the reality. 

Assessing the risk

Fixing this traffic and CV gap will be a challenge but first, you need to understand your level of exposure and traffic levels. Login to your Google Analytics click on source/medium and see how much traffic you are generating from Indeed and also how many CVs you are generating. If you can’t see this make sure you have the correct goals set up. 

Once you have completed this you really have three options. Replace the loss with other advertising mediums, invest in SEO or invest in your website to improve its efficiency at generating CVs. We explore these option below.

Digital Advertising

Whichever advertising option you choose, make sure that traffic goes directly to your website, and that CVs are submitted via your own website, rather than moving the money to another job board by letting candidates apply through them. After all, that will just serve to help their brand and not yours. This move effectively turns Indeed into a job board for many recruitment agencies and so it is worth considering other aggregators such as Zip Recruiter, Adzuna and Job Pilot. There are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Another option is Google Adwords or the Google display network. These are specialised platforms so unless you have an in-house expert you should engage an agency to help here.

Other options include social media advertising or even programmatic display advertising, but these forms of advertising attract a more passive job seeker and while we believe you should be using them they are unlikely to fix your short-term gaps.

Invest in SEO (and improve your Google for Jobs visibility)

Google for Jobs went live in the UK in the 17th July, and investing in SEO will actually get you above Indeed in job searches. Outside of the standard onsite and offsite SEO factors, Google for Jobs now provides information such as impressions, clicks on your jobs, your position in Google for jobs plus traffic and CVs generated. Getting this right can really help to fill that gap. 

Better candidate experience on your website

If you want to invest in the future, it’s time to invest in better user experience on your website. Apply for a job, review features and functionality, and improve them to make it easier than ever to apply to a job or send in a CV. The objective is to generate the same number of CVs from less traffic. Invest in your own platform and get more out of what you have. As a result, you’ll get a better return on investment, and avoid relying on Indeed to supply your candidates - often at a premium.

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