Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most important inventions of the past decade. From its humble beginnings in Harvard, it’s expanded to include more than two billion daily active users, and that’s without counting its growing platform on Instagram. That’s a massive captive audience waiting to receive your marketing message- as long as you have the right way to reach out to them.

Enter the Facebook campaign. With all of Facebook’s database at your fingertips, you can reach out to new and existing audiences with targeted adverts designed to engage and interest them. It’s also surprisingly easy to set up- though, like any advertising campaign, success depends on your text, images and target audience.

Here are our tips for getting it right.

What’s your objective?

What do you want your campaign to achieve? Do you want to increase awareness of your brand, increase traffic to your website- and ultimately convert more candidates- or do you want to increase the interest of people who are already aware of your brand? 

Once you’ve decided whether you want to focus on Awareness, Consideration or Conversion, you can sit down and flesh out your campaign objectives in more detail. Decide what type of audiences you want to target, then set a clear goal that can be measured after the campaign finishes, and decide what preliminary results that you might expect to see from your campaign, to give you a good benchmark to measure those results by.

Creating different campaigns

Why not create a separate campaign to suit each of your objectives, using the adverts create tool? If you want a particular ad to focus on raising awareness, and another to drive traffic to your websites, create two that you can tailor to each audience, the better to increase your chances of success. With the adverts create tool, you can also measure the performance of each campaign, see which is performing better, and turn all of the advert sets that you create on and off, as the mood takes you.

Indeed, by running two or three campaigns, each with their own copy and images, you’ll stand a better chance of converting them. You can also take a more in-depth look at what appeals to your audience by doing some A/B testing, which calculates the appeal of two different campaigns and helps you see which one has the best chance of appealing to a potential audience before you commit money to it. 

Use the Pixel

The Pixel is a really handy piece of software that will change the way that you see your audience. It works by placing cookies on users’ computers that will track their interactions with your campaign, and with your website, should they then click on any link you include. You’ll be able to track conversions, time on site, and even show related adverts to people that have been on your website.  You can get really in-depth here, showing your potential applicant an advert for a job they were browsing on your site before they abandoned the application. The possibilities are limitless, and it will let you create a tailored marketing campaign that gets results.

Measuring value 

Once you’ve run your campaign, it’s time to measure it. Using Facebook- or a third-party provider like Hootsuite- you should be able to analyse the results, such as likes, activity and engagement rate. Did it meet your goals? Are there any ways in which you can improve? Was the audience the right fit for the type of campaign that you were running? If not, then it’s time to reallocate your budget. See which adverts are performing more effectively, and next time put more money into that campaign, rather than focussing on the ones that aren’t drawing as much attention. You can even turn off advert sets that you aren’t using, if you think they’re good, but want to reactivate them later. 

Innovate online with Attrax

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