Today, more of us than ever before are online, and on social media. Though Facebook and Twitter can be invaluable tools when it comes to promoting your business, building your reputation and establishing conversations with prospective candidates and customers, by far the best social media platform for recruiting and networking is LinkedIn. With more than 500 million users on the site- of whom around 75% are passive candidates waiting for you to reach out and get in touch- LinkedIn is the perfect place for the recruiter looking to find their next star hire.

Whether you’re looking to hire active candidates, or refine your search by hunting out talented passive employees, here’s how to use your LinkedIn profile to advantage and get people talking.

Don't cold call: network

Receiving a cold call, or email, from somebody you don’t know can be off-putting- especially when it comes to job hunting. Laying no groundwork before getting in touch with a prospective candidate could actually work against you, as they’re less likely to talk to you, which in turn results in wasted time and effort on your part.

To ensure a higher response rate, don’t cold email your candidates: network instead. Take the time to establish relationships with potential candidates. Post articles and news on your own LinkedIn page; after all, people trust content shared by individuals more than content shared by a company. This way, you can build your profile online, and establish a network of like-minded people you can then ask to connect you with potential candidates. LinkedIn also has numerous groups, catering to professions all over the market: get involved with those related to the industry or positions you’re looking for.

By staying informed and staying active online, you’ll be able to find more candidates. And when you do establish contact, they’ll likely be better suited to the role, and more likely to accept your offer.

Stay up to date

It goes without saying that if you’re getting in touch with candidates and offering them new job opportunities, then you need to be ready to answer any questions- or allay any misgivings- they might have. Your profile needs to be up to date, and more-or-less complete: chances are once you email somebody then they’re going read up on who you are to see whether what you’re offering is genuine. Given that two thirds of interested candidates will also then check out your agency website and LinkedIn page, it’s essential that you present a professional, polished profile for them to look at. 

Talk opportunity

There are so many jobs in the market- and so much competition for candidates, especially passive ones- that you need to engage people, and get them invested in the idea of your vacancy, if you want to stand a chance at hiring them.

To that end, instead of writing a straight job description, why not sell your candidate on the opportunities that come with the role? Whether it’s the chance to make an impact on the company, the ability to advance within the company, more responsibilities or even multiple employee benefits, especially flexible working, talking opportunity could be the catalyst that gets passive candidates thinking.

Try the phone

If you’re not having any luck with emails, why not pick up the phone? Emails are easy to ignore, or pass by: phone calls aren’t. Emails have the lowest average response rates from candidates, even compared with things like LinkedIn Connection Request or InMails, so if you want to speak directly with a prospective candidate the key to getting your voice heard might just be to give them a quick call.

Personalise your offering

Sending a generic email to candidates is one of the most off-putting things you can do. Everybody likes to be flattered, and people like to know what made them stand out to you in particular: tell them why you thought they’d be a good fit for the role, referencing perhaps a particular skill that they have, or an achievement, that made them stand out to you. Not only does it prove that you’ve done your research, but it will also engage people far more- and make them far more likely to accept- than a regular cold call.

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