One of the biggest buzzwords in 2017 was Google for Jobs- and that trend looks set to continue well into 2018, as recruiters wait with bated breath for its UK launch.

As well they should. Google for Jobs offers unprecedented new opportunities for recruitment agencies: with more than 30%, or 30 million, of Google’s searches every month recruitment related, Google’s foray into the $200bn recruitment industry looks set to cause some huge ripples over the coming year. Promising to shake up the previous dominance of job aggregators and job boards like Indeed or Monster, Google for Job’s widget slots neatly into the space above Google’s Organic Search results, providing an easy, free alternative for job seekers to hunt through on their quest for the perfect vacancy.

This change is something that may actually give recruiters the advantage when it comes to getting their voices heard in the often-loud and busy recruitment sector. Indeed, if done right, Google for Jobs may even provide fresh revenue streams for agencies. 

Rather than competing with recruitment agencies, Google for Jobs pulls in vacancies from around the web that are relevant to the term being searched for, rather in the manner of a job aggregator. This means that if your agency’s site has been correctly configured, its vacancies will show up on Google for Jobs alongside those of employers. How highly you rank, however, depends on whether your site has the correct schema that will allow Google to find, crawl and pull the relevant information from your site.

This approach has the potential to open up a brand-new avenue of business for many agencies: by investing in a new, correctly configured recruitment site, recruiters can make the most of the staggering traffic rates that Google enjoys by getting their jobs to show on the Google for Jobs widget, thus negating the need for spending so much on job aggregators and job boards to increase their online profile. Instead, recruitment agencies will be able to promote their own brand- via their recruitment site- at a lower cost. As the new functionality expands the way both recruiters and candidates post and search for jobs, the traditional job boards may well decline in popularity over the coming years, as Google’s market dominance takes its toll on their usefulness. The result? It’s an excellent idea to get a head start and starting planning for it now.

The new functionality will likely also decrease your need for spending on PPC and advertising campaigns: a new recruitment site that is configured for Google for Jobs will give you the chance to start building your brand and reputation online, by posting relevant news, content and vacancies. Not only will this raise your profile, but it will help you boost your SEO, which is ultimately better for your bottom line. 

An SEO-optimised site is cheaper to maintain than numerous PPC campaigns and, with a bit of work and investment, it will start ranking on Google by itself, without the cost of extra online visibility. By taking the time to develop a solid SEO strategy you’ll save more money in the long term. And with Google’s new location filters, you’ll be able to reach a much more targeted audience than ever before.

Today, the onus on recruitment agencies is to start preparing for the challenges- and benefits- Google for Jobs can bring. For agencies wanting to get ahead of the competition, the key is to start shifting to a more SEO-focussed outlook, using curated, Google-friendly recruitment sites to increase their public profile, rather than relying on job boards and aggregators to do their advertising for them. Not only will this increase revenue streams thanks to Google’s immense pulling power, but it will save money and cut costs in an industry where the bottom line is becoming ever more important.

The market is changing. The choice is yours.

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