Careers websites. For all the noise we at Attrax make about them, there’s a solid reason for doing so. Many employers looking to hire fresh, new talent every year still rely on outdated methods to source and attract candidates, often utilising outdated ATS systems that hide jobs from Google and decrease their site’s SEO. More often than not, drop-off rates are high for these sites, and stops them from attracting perhaps as wide a range of talented applicants as they would wish.

With the pace of change in the recruitment industry picking up, especially after the release of Google for Jobs and Google Hire, the struggle these sites face is only going to increase in the coming months. It’s time for a new careers site, and though they can be expensive, there are several reasons why it’s worth spending the money on doing so.

Keep ahead of the curve

Technology is advancing at an ever-faster rate, creating huge changes in the way we shop, live and do business. The same is true for recruitment: most recruitment agencies have moved online, because that’s where the business is, and in such a competitive industry it’s vital to ensure that you have the edge over your competition; indeed, given that 65% of recruiters cite a lack of skilled candidates as the largest obstacle to hiring, competition for skilled ones is fierce. 

With a new careers website, you’ll be able to make the most of innovations like Predictive Search, a personalisation, which shows the candidate jobs and content tailored to them, based on their search history; we even personalize the content on your home page based on visitor interests and what jobs and content they view, creating an Amazon-like approach to job shopping. All this goes towards creating an excellent user experience and engaging your potential applicant, making it much more likely that they will eventually apply to a job.

Save money on job boards and agencies

Indeed, innovation in recruitment goes beyond your careers website: the industry itself is changing, too. Traditionally, job agencies and job boards have been the haunt of job-seekers, where employers pay money to ‘boost’ their posts’ visibility on the site. However, the launch of Google for Jobs aims to change this. 

Google for Jobs is essentially a jobs widget that appears above organic search results, which recognises the words ‘recruitment’ and ‘jobs’ when they are searched for, and displays job openings related to the words the jobseeker has typed into the search box. Though Google for Jobs does show results on sites that it has partnered with, like Glassdoor, it doesn’t portray search results from Indeed, which has the potential to do it some damage, especially when it comes to visibility. Furthermore, our research shows that employers will benefit in Google for Jobs, as they are the ‘owner’ of the company. 

Improve your SEO

A Google-friendly career site means that jobs exist on the same platform as your careers content, not on your ATS. Jobs are pulled from your ATS and published on your career website with Google friendly URLs (web addresses), page titles, and descriptions. When coupled with well written adverts, these are the key pieces of information that means your jobs can appear at the top of Google search results.

Add relevant similar jobs, related articles, blogs and profiles and your site becomes important in Google’s eyes, providing job seekers with more than just jobs. With around 70% of active job seekers starting their search in Google and at least half using a job title in their search, your jobs become some of the most valuable content on your career site. 

And with Google for Jobs in the US already benefiting employers, it won’t be long until it hits the UK and it becomes even more important to make sure your career site is Google friendly.

Boost your brand

Indeed, a careers site does offer the chance to boost a company’s employer brand. Similar to the work that Attrax did with npower recently (for more information on how to develop a company’s employer brand, have a look at our webinar here), a well-designed, branded careers site is infinitely more useful when it comes to engaging candidates. The key is to make the most of your employee stories: with npower, jobs are displayed on the site alongside videos of people working in that team, talking about their day-to-day life. When done correctly, this will boost conversions as well as bolster the company image.

An improved careers site, boasting increased functionality, ease of use and a good design will undoubtedly increase the candidate user experience, and boost their brand, encouraging potential applicants to stay on the site for longer.

The result?

In today’s market, a careers site is well worth the investment when it comes to visibility, and gaining those all-important conversions. When configured correctly, the site will help to usher in high traffic levels, improved SEO and communicate a strong employer brand to candidates. To boot, it increases the amount of relevant visitors on your site which will convert into hires, saving time and ultimately money.  A new careers site lets you take control of your own traffic and image and use it to hire the best talent in the industry.When it comes to careers sites, it’s smart to put your money where your mouth is.

Feeling inspired? If you want to know more about what a careers site can do for you, check out our blog on what must-have functionality you need on it. Otherwise, you can contact us here