Since the advent of the internet, the job market has transformed itself. Whether you’re a recruitment company or a candidate looking for your next big break, we’ve all had to change the way in which we search for jobs, and in which we’re seen. With over 89% of adults in the UK on the internet and 79% likely to use social media in their job searches, it’s clear that the key to being successful, to drawing in applications, and to having a strong presence in the recruitment market is recruitment marketing, and about how well you know the Internet. 

Recruitment marketing is the art of finding, attracting and engaging candidates in order to encourage them to apply for a job. If properly done, recruitment marketing should build and maintain the employer brand of the company with the aim of initiating and building a customer relationship that will eventually incite them to use the company to search and apply for jobs. The ultimate goal of a good marketing strategy is talent acquisition and increasing the number of talented candidates applying for vacancies through their website.

A good recruitment marketing strategy will cover several areas that will increase your online reach and boost your recruitment website. These are:

Inbound marketing

Nothing will stand you in better stead when it comes to engaging candidates than inbound marketing. It’s important to establish yourself as a thought leader in your brand, and as somebody who can offer passive candidates and browsers fresh, relevant and interesting information on the recruitment sector; make the most of your blog and social media accounts to draw in potential candidates and engage them. Social media is especially useful when it comes to employee referrals, and establishing promising connections with mutual connections who have the potential to be talented hires. 

Email Marketing

When configured correctly, email marketing can be a huge source of conversions, attracting people to your website with fresh content and exciting jobs aimed towards passive and active candidates. More and more companies are making the switch to automated email campaigns offering everything from courses to the latest jobs; if you do, make sure you're offering something that adds value to the candidate- for instance, job tips or job vacancies.


SEO and PPC campaigns are vital when it comes to boosting your visibility online. Whilst organic SEO focusses on making your recruitment website as Google-friendly as possible in order to boost it up Google’s list of rankings- with a focus on using keywords in your content, building trustworthy links and a well-configured website- PPC campaigns will guarantee you quick results for more money. If you want to increase your traffic and conversion rate, this is the way to doing it.

Analysing the results 

The most important part of recruitment marketing is knowing where you’re falling short and where to improve. Set goals for yourself, track your traffic on Google Analytics and monitor your candidate funnel to see where along the candidate journey potential candidates are dropping off. Your conversion rate should be about 5%; is there anything you can do to increase it? It’s also worth monitoring your SEO and PPC campaigns to see how much traffic is coming from that, and where you should invest more money.

What can Attrax do? 

Attrax specialises in helping recruitment companies to maximise their potential online, building personalised recruitment sites that are optimised for SEO, for ease of use and for attracting and engaging candidates. Whatever a business needs, we can provide it: from a top-to-bottom branding exercise that can completely reinvent a company’s image, to advice and help in Digital Marketing, from SEO to display network advertising.

For those businesses struggling to find the time to write compelling copy, fear not! Attrax also provides a full suite of digital recruitment marketing services, writing themed blogs on the recruitment industry and specific sectors, and providing SEO and PPC services that boost online visibility. We’re experts online- whether that’s in building or marketing recruitment sites- and we love what we do.