Job boards and job aggregators are a staple of recruitment life. Collating millions of jobs from around the country- and, for larger sites like Indeed, the world- these sites make it easier than ever for candidates to find the right job – or do they?

In an industry where 72% of job searches start on Google, and the advent of Google for Jobs has shaken up the recruitment industry, the battleground has moved. Search engines are now where you need to be seen, and your visibility is now defined by how good your SEO is and how your careers site is configured. Whilst job boards do provide visibility, they only promote your jobs from their platform, without promoting your brand or making you stand out from amongst your competitors.

Now is the time to be investing in a new careers site. Not only is it a good chance to update your look and create something that is streamlined and fast, but it will also help you to increase your engagement and candidate conversion. Instead of relying on job boards to promote your material- which will quickly be shuffled further and further down the results page as it becomes older and less relevant- a careers site will do your talking for you. It will let you give priority to your own jobs, and connect to social media so you can boost your profile online. It will even help you to develop your brand through a tactical application of content marketing and original, fresh blog content.

A new careers site also has the potential to revolutionise your visibility online. If you use an ATS, your jobs will be hidden from Google and won’t show up on any search engine results pages. A good careers site can integrate with your ATS and give Google access to your jobs, sending traffic straight to your website; if it’s configured correctly, some job aggregators will even pull the information from your site and show it on theirs- for free. 

Having your own, correctly configured, well-maintained careers site will go a long way towards boosting your SEO, placing you higher up the search engine rankings page when a candidate searches for a keyword. With the advent of Google for Jobs, SEO and the strength of your careers website will become vitally important. Given that Google for Jobs prioritises careers websites over job boards and aggregators, and ranks those websites according to SEO, investing time and money into a careers website will not only give you an edge over any entries posted on jobs boards but will boost you those vital extra places beyond your competition. It'll even help boost your employer brand: how's that for efficient?

It's time to stop investing in job boards and focus your attention on a better careers site. Check out our eBook "Planning and implementing a new careers site- building the business case" or contact us.