Google for Jobs has hit the recruitment market and it’s time for businesses to change their recruitment marketing strategies, and their recruitment company websites, if they want to keep up with the rapid developments it is going to bring with it. Your careers site has huge potential. With Google for Jobs, you can increase your online visibility, whilst also decreasing your reliance on job boards and aggregators like Indeed - if you know how the system works.

What does Google want from the results it ranks?

It favours content that is fresh and original, rather than having been published on a variety of different websites: as the original publisher of any job vacancy, you will have priority over job boards and aggregators, even heavy-hitters like Monster and Indeed. As all the aggregators have been excluded from Google for Jobs’ search rankings, now is the right time to invest in a careers website that will do the talking for you.  Put simply, it is fair to assume, for the time being, that your careers website, or recruitment agency, will always rank above any job board or job aggregator on Google’s newest addition to its search engine, and so the sites that you will be fighting for recognition with will be competing careers websites. If the site is configured correctly, Google will also be able to access your jobs and display them on Google for Jobs; furthermore, a well-built, ATS-integrated, careers website, will do wonders for your SEO, boosting you high up Google for Jobs’ rankings and making it more likely that you will be seen online. 

How should you invest?

Should you be investing more in job boards now that the aggregators like Indeed have been excluded from Google for Jobs? You have two options: you can either back the job boards and hope Google doesn’t do to them what it is currently doing to Indeed, or you can spend the same amount of money on a new recruitment company website, which will generate its own SEO, improve candidate user experience and enhance your employer brand. The impact Google for Jobs will have isn’t fully clear, one thing is: it’s smart to put your money on improving your own digital assets.

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