Your company’s employer brand is one of its most important business tools. At its most basic, your brand is created from the opinions and reputation that your business has amongst its customers: it tells them what to expect from the products and services you offer. Building a strong brand is key to maintaining a healthy business, and to do so you need to forge a good relationship with your customers that will make them more likely to buy from you, rather than from your competitors. This vital relationship starts with content marketing- or, recruitment online marketing.

Why content marketing? 

Employer branding is all about creating a good impression with your customers, and building an engaging and interesting online identity. Content marketing is an ideal medium to start your branding journey with because it centres around creating and sharing information with the aim of attracting an audience. 49% of marketers are beginning to create content that helps the buyer along their journey, as content marketing isn’t about selling your products; it’s about writing engaging, relevant content about the industry you’re operating in, and helping your customers move to the next stage of their customer journey with you as a result. 

What is good content marketing?

The main aim of writing content is to build a relationship between your business and customers, and marketers know this: 53% of them say that writing content for blogs is their top priority. For this to happen effectively, you need to know what your customers want and the state of the market that you are operating in inside out. How does the content you’re writing help readers to understand what’s going on, or address any challenges they may be facing in the current market? Your content needs to inform and engage customers, explaining relevant issues for them: for instance, a customer services recruiter could write a guide on the best strategies for dealing with unreasonable customers, thus appealing to and attracting readers from their key demographic.

A good recruitment online marketing strategy is all about connecting with others. The better you know your audience, the better you’ll be able to communicate with them and create a receptive, loyal following. Through writing, you can establish your brand as a thought leader in your field, which will in turn foster trust between you and your readers. As the strength of your brand is dependent on a positive customer experience, the more personalised and engaging you can make your content, the better.

Branding beyond content

When you market your company through writing content, you also get a great chance to seize control in the way you brand your organisation. This is your chance for you to tell the world what your company mission is, what you stand for and what your core values are. Branding is all about the impression that you leave your customers, whether through the products and services you sell or the things that you write on your company blog. 80% of people want brands to tell stories: it’s all about creating a consistent message that people will come to associate with you. The content, images, format and customer experience that you communicate to your audience will eventually become your brand message, so make sure what you’re putting out there is what you want people to remember you by!

Branding and SEO

Content marketing will also pay off in making your brand more visible. One of the key advantages of content marketing is that if it is good quality and relevant to the industry you are operating in, it can form part of your SEO strategy too, boosting you further up Google’s search results page and therefore increasing traffic to your website. It’s like a positive circle: the more you create good content, and the more you share it online, the more visible you become online- and visibility is the key to building a strong, easily-recognisable brand. 

Content marketing is an invaluable resource that you can use to create a strong and easily recognisable brand out of your business. From building relationships with your customers to establishing yourself as a trusted online source, when you market your content correctly you can even make it easier to become more visible online.

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