When it comes to recruitment, the key to getting a high number of applications- and a high number of quality candidates to apply- is visibility. Nobody is going to apply to your job if they don’t know it exists, but in the fickle and increasingly competitive world of job recruitment, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your name out there. Jobhunters generally base their applications around the results that crop up on their search engines: Google has become the new recruitment battleground. 

Get noticed

The key to making yourself stand out from the crowd and getting those all-important applications in is SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. At its heart, SEO is the practise of improving your website to make it more visible on search engines: engines like Google rank their searches based on a number of criteria such as how many ‘trustworthy’ links are in your website, having the right keywords in your content, and whether it’s been recirculated on social media.

Putting Search Engine Optimisation at the heart of your recruitment strategy therefore means that everything you do will be centred around making your careers site as visible as possible, which is the ultimate aim of any recruitment agency or department. Improving your SEO is a case of addressing several different areas of your marketing campaign and website, from the URL addresses you use to the frequency with which you include a key word in your blog posts: it’s therefore easy to build a digital marketing strategy around what needs changing in order to push you those valuable few spaces beyond your competitors. 

Start posting content

Indeed, the best thing about having an SEO strategy is that it's easily incorporated into both content marketing and your social media. Given that a large part of a site’s visibility on Google is based upon how many key words are present on a site, and on the interlinking of content, it is easy to write content tailored to address and increase the visibility of your job posting, or website, which also has the side-effect of strengthening your brand and your brand visibility. Many job aggregators like Indeed will also often automatically pull information from the careers site if it is configured in an SEO-friendly way, and compile them into ‘organic listings’, further increasing the traffic that you will receive online and the applications that you will receive. 

This strategy will ultimately allow you to better compete against other businesses and recruitment agencies, especially as most jobhunters only select the first three or four Google entries when hunting for job opportunities. Using SEO simply provides an extra incentive to strengthen your brand and increase your visibility online, which in turn will bring you more job applications and conversions. SEO is an excellent investment: the gains you make through using it, though slow to start with, will last for years into future, giving you a spot high up the Google results page for years to come. In short, when looking to build a market-leading brand, look no further than your search engine. 

Attracting top talent with Attrax

Staying on top of your SEO is vital if you want to engage high-quality candidates. Our careers site system is powered by AI, allowing it features and functionality that let you create a user experience that attracts the top talent ahead of your competitors. For more insight have a look at our eBooks, or get in touch to hear from a member of the Attrax team.