digital marketing strategy is nothing without social media. Though paid advertising and SEO strategies will boost your online profile, it’s through social media that you build a network of loyal clients and fellow professionals. It’s also online that you create the brand you want to be associated with, and with 38 million active users in the UK spending around one and a half hours online a day, it’s well worth investing your time and money into creating a comprehensive plan that will complement your digital marketing strategy.

Why use social media?

There are several advantages to using social media to drive business. In order to engage a large number of followers in today’s very noisy online world, you need to post regularly, and you need to create a brand with a strong-enough identity to stand out from the crowd. As 77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to, it’s a good idea to think about how you want to be seen by your customers. What values do you want to be associated with? A brand is made up of how people perceive your company, so by posting the right material about the right things and responding to messages- or Tweets- you can build up your reputation as a thought leader in your sector, and as somebody who people want to follow. Result: you increase your online reach and build your network.

Networking online

Indeed, social media is the perfect place to network. Whether it’s on LinkedIn or Twitter, the perfect place to make contact with people in your industry is by following them, and keeping tabs on what they’re saying on the web. A staggering 50 million businesses use Facebook pages, and so for finding out about industry events, or initiating conversations on LinkedIn, the web is an excellent place to build up a list of contacts and, as a result, increase your online reach. Through using social media to follow competitors, customers and clients, you can keep tabs on what they’re saying,  discover how they engage followers and even learn about the state of, and latest developments in, the market. 

Money matters

Sometimes, however, patiently waiting to build your network is not an option and you want immediate results. Perhaps it’s for a job vacancy that you want to advertise, or an event that you want to raise awareness about. Either way, don’t worry: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all run paid advertising campaigns, which allow you to boost posts and gain visibility online in much the same way as a search-engine-led paid advertising campaign. 

Check the analytics

The most valuable thing these social media networks offer, however, is the chance to analyse the statistics behind the posts: how many people viewed your post? How many engaged, and how many followed through and clicked the link to your site? Social media is a goldmine of statistical information, which can be used to better understand your audience and hone your marketing campaign- off Facebook as well as on it.

The bottom line

Whether it’s through building your network or gathering useful data, social media is a vital part of today’s marketing strategies. The main aim of digital marketing is to drive traffic to your site, and using social media not only gives you a way to increase your online reach but ensure that you reach as wide a range of people as possible. With internet presence a vital way of targeting customers, knowing how to optimise social media could make the difference between a successful brand and a household name.

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