Your new careers site has finally gone live. The brief has been written, the functionality decided upon and the designs thrashed out. It’s ready to start pulling in CVs and matching candidates to jobs, but now the biggest issue is data. What are the most important metrics that determine how well your website and supporting marketing are doing, and how should you be measuring them?

I’ve often heard people say: “Our website traffic is high. We rank well. We’re happy with our performance.”

However, despite these promising results, the more savvy will know that good traffic does not necessarily mean success. Let’s have a look at a few of the real measures of success from your website and online spend:


This is undoubtedly the most important thing to measure, as it equates to how much return on investment you’re getting. For a new careers site, this is even more important. If you spend £5,000 on a website and make three placements in the year, directly through the website, at £3,000 each then your ROI is (£9,000 - £5,000) / £5,000 = 80%.

As good as that statistic looks, though, there is a way you can increase that. By investing time into your site and developing a careers site that maximizes the user journey and candidate experience, your conversion rate could double. Your site needs to have good candidate functionality, be easy to use, and ideally have a blog section where you can boost your SEO and establish yourself as a thought leader within your market sector. 

If you really want to maximise your online visibility, you can boost your SEO by using PPC campaigns which will give you more impressive results, albeit with a bigger investment itself.

You could spend £20,000 on a website and a further £18,000 on an SEO strategy. It’s a pretty big increase on the previous investment. However this website brings in 35 placements at £3,000.

The ROI is now (£105,000 - £38,000) / £38,000 = 176%.

In terms of conversions, that’s a much better deal, and well worth the extra money.


A placement isn’t something that happens automatically through your website. The skill of the consultant and many other factors will have an impact on number of placements made. One year you may have top performing consultants coupled with a buoyant economy, so it’s important to look at volume of applications to your site as a determinant of success. It’s also a benchmark for improving performance over time.

A recuitment SEO campaign that brings in 100 applications is better than one which brought a million page views but no potential new placements.

Bounce rate

This is one of the most important metrics to determine how effective your careers site is. A high bounce rate speaks volumes about how well your website is regarded by candidates and potential new clients. If your site isn't engaging or you are attracting the wrong type of audience then your bounce rate is likely to be high.

A website with 100,000 visitors and a 95% bounce rate means that only 5,000 actually visited your website properly.

A website with 20,000 visitors and a 30% bounce rate means that 14,000 visited the website properly.

At Attrax, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the market, so we can design careers sites that are successful from the start. 

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