The hiring market is becoming ever-more competitive. With the UK unemployment rate at an all-time low, competition for quality candidates is increasing: indeed, 65% of recruiters cite a lack of skilled candidates in the market as one of the biggest obstacles they experience to hiring people and making placements.  

With ever-more companies competing for a shrinking pool of quality candidates, one of the best ways you can be sure of attracting quality candidates is by modifying and optimising your careers site. Your careers site can be one of the most valuable marketing tools you possess, with the power to shape your brand, your visibility online and even the amount of applications you receive; with the correct approach, it can also be used to attract high-quality hires.

Invest in your employer branding

One of the places that your careers site will make you stand out, especially as opposed to advertising jobs on job boards and aggregators, is in your employer branding. Organisations that invest in employer branding are three times more likely to make a quality hire, and it’s easy to see why: candidates want to see what kind of company they’ll be joining, and they want to see what life is like inside that company. 

Your careers site provides the perfect platform from which to display this: you can post ‘day in the life’ articles on your blog, advertise company events on social media and even include an ‘About Us’ page where you can show prospective applicants just what your company values are, and what you get up to within the office. Take the time to conduct video interviews with members of your team and ask them what they like about working in the company; their replies will likely carry more weight than any job description will!

Target the best people for the job

Your blog can also be a vital tool when it comes to targeting the right people in the right sector. Content marketing is fantastic, because it’s not about marketing your product: it’s about providing helpful, relevant information to your readers about the sector that you work within. People who are looking for jobs, or interested in a career, in that sector will therefore be more likely to visit your blog, and from there you can engage them with potential job openings, more blog posts or just make them aware of your company and its brand. With the right content, you can also build up a reputation as a thought leader within your sector, therefore making yourself more visible online.

Work on your candidate user experience

In an industry where 60% of job seekers quit in the middle of a job application due to its length or complexity, employers should favour simplicity and speed over everything else. With a careers site, you have control over this, and over how your job is perceived by potential applicants: make their user journey as simple as possible. Have a ‘Quick Apply’ option where they can send in their CV for a certain job, and make it easy to search for jobs; advanced functionality such as Predictive Search makes you appear professional, and makes the user journey quicker. 

Overall, the hiring process should be as quick and fluid as possible, with factors like the time to hire, the source of hire, candidate acceptance ratio and candidate drop-out rate all being monitored, so you know where to improve. 

Take control of your job descriptions

Nothing has a larger say in attracting potential quality hires than how well your job descriptions are written and presented. Make sure that your title is Google-search friendly and simple: nobody wants to apply for a complicated-sounding job! You should include a list of the role’s responsibilities and a description of what the candidate will be doing, and make it very clear which skills are essential to have, and which are only ‘optional’. Include the job location: rather than recruitment agencies, which sometimes don’t reveal who the hiring company is, or where the job is based, careers sites have the advantage; you can tell your readers exactly where they’ll be working, which will narrow down your candidates considerably. It’s also a good idea to talk directly to the candidate, rather than using phrases like ‘the successful candidate will’: this will only alienate the reader and dissuade them from applying.

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