News flash: Mobile is not an up-and-coming technology. It is not ‘The Next Big Thing’. It is here, it is happening and it is growing. Fast.

Thought about moving jobs lately? If you were to look for something new, where would you go first? If you’re thinking Google, you’re not alone - that’s where 85% of people will start. If not there, you might consider a niche job board that specialises in your sector, or perhaps a specialist recruitment agency? Whichever route you take, a huge chunk of that journey is guaranteed to take place online.

So where will you be conducting this job search? On your desktop or laptop in the office, where everyone can see your screen (assuming you aren’t too busy doing the job to have time to job hunt)? Unlikely. At home in the evening after a 12 hour day? Maybe, but there are better things to be doing. On the train on your way to or from the job you want to leave? Now you’re talking!

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the go-to solutions for job seekers. That’s not only based on our experiences here at Attrax but also what recruitment heavy-hitter LinkedIn says. According to a recent survey on the site, 72% of active candidates will use a mobile device to view a company’s careers website. That’s a pretty big number. Perhaps more surprising is that 62% of passive candidates will do the same. Before they have even decided to join the job market they are checking out your potential as an employer on their mobile device. What’s more, 30% of people are job seeking on a mobile device more than once a day.

Those statistics in themselves should be enough to explain why a properly equipped mobile careers site is vital to your talent attraction strategy. Shockingly though only 20% of careers sites in the market are properly mobile optimised!

Job hunting now is just like shopping. If you think of the candidate as a customer and tailor their experience on your careers website accordingly, you are on the right track to attracting and engaging the best talent. Can you imagine Amazon not paying attention their customer’s experience when shopping on the site via a mobile? I doubt Jeff Bezos would be the world’s third richest man if they didn’t. And yet that is how 80% of direct employers approach their mobile careers site.

It’s clear from the figures that having a properly optimised careers site for mobile search is not optional anymore. Failure to ignore the mobile recruiting trend will be your downfall. That’s why Attrax careers sites are mobile responsive as standard. We know what the market wants and we know how to help employers engage and attract their candidates. Give us a call and let’s discuss how.