Attrax is a company built on digital brilliance but not necessarily physical fitness. Luckily, with brilliance comes endurance, tenacity and a refusal to give up, which is likely what helped power 13 of our most fearless team members to the top of the highest peak in the British Isles. 

Despite a fairly lackadaisical training regime by most members of our party, we’re thrilled to announce that every single one of us made it up and down Ben Nevis in one piece. Moreover, we smashed our fundraising goal and raised a massive £3,195 for Macmillan (and counting). It’s a great result for a brilliant charity, with the added bonus of working out some muscles that we never even knew we had. Here’s how the weekend went down.

A near-miss, a forest adventure and the cheapest pints in the land

A 6:30am call time at Stansted was the first challenge our group faced, and one of our more relaxed party members very nearly didn’t wake up in time. A phone call and an Uber ride later, all 13 of us were checked in and ready to fly. 

Our first big adventure (and perhaps a slightly misguided one) was a high ropes course in the middle of the Fort William forest. The scenery was stunning, the course was exceptionally well set up and the staff were very helpful. The only downside was our enthusiasm. Despite having unlimited time and several different courses to try out, we all decided we were ready to start with the most physically and mentally demanding course on offer. This not only resulted in some tears, squeals and swears during the event itself, but it also made sure our muscles were nice and tender for the following day’s hike. Nothing like a double whammy of exercise!To prep for the big walk, we finished our day with a relaxing ale in one of the friendly local pubs. Like true Londoners, we simply couldn’t get over the ridiculously low cost - if you’re looking for a cheap pint, Scottish towns are your best bet!

Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side… It’s the climb

Saturday dawned and after fuelling up at the local Wetherspoons, we loaded up on snacks, water and all our warmest layers to head to Ben Nevis. The weather forecast promised us freezing cold weather so we were well prepared. What we weren’t prepared for, however, was blazing sun and unusual heat. This made an already difficult walk quite unbearable for the first hour or so, but we pushed through. 

It’s fair to say the climb was considerably tougher than we all expected, but the support and camaraderie shown amongst the team more than made up for the gruelling walk to the top. We went over shingle, through grass, across streams and finally through snow before reaching the summit, where we were greeted with some of the best views around. The beautiful sunny day suddenly became more of a help than a hindrance as it enabled us to see all the surrounding mountains and valleys. It was a truly sensational view and almost (almost) made up for the gruelling walk back downhill. Who knew going downhill would hurt so much?

When all’s said and done…

We had an incredible Scottish weekend and are immensely proud of ourselves for conquering the mountain. What’s more, we raised a big chunk of money for charity and managed not to tear each other’s hair out in the process. Beers, banter and mountain climbing – what’s not to love?

Highlights: Raising more than £3,000 pounds for Macmillan, an incredible cause. Special thanks to all our friends, family and clients who helped us to reach our goal

Team building with a brilliant group of people and cheap pints

Lowlights: Rumours are rife that there was snoring (and worse) in the male dorm room. The ladies’ room was an oasis of serenity. Sore legs, red faces

A huge thank you to all our generous supporters - we couldn't have done it without you!