Being digitally connected means that we have virtually everything we need in just a few clicks.  orem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

It means that we can talk to the world and share our thoughts, feelings and experiences and influence the opinion of our networks in a matter of seconds.

On the flip side, it also means that those who are crying out for our attention, have more competition than ever before with literally thousands of different places for them to look to find us.

From a commercial perspective, nowhere is this truer than in the world of retail. Retailers no longer need big flagship stores to lure us in to buy their products rather than at the less flashy shop over the road.

Brand is as important, as ever, but once they have us how do they keep us? The next shop is no longer at the other end of the street but just one click away so why stay in the one shop?

How did Amazon become the biggest retailer in the world without ever having a single shop?

The answer is engagement

A shopping experience on Amazon is so much more than just purchasing an item. At every stage you will find information about the product, reviews, alternatives to the product, items that accompany the product, items other customers have bought as well as the product. 

This steady stream of relevant touch points means that customers are given numerous reasons to stay and increase the likelihood of making a purchase. It’s like virtual shop window on a carousel.

According to a recent article from The Telegraph, in November 2015, there were two unfilled vacancies for every candidate on the market. 

The credit crunch seems like a distant memory with headlines like that! This figure is no doubt down to the seasonal variation with the build up to the busy Christmas trading period.

But what it does highlight, is that competition between candidates is fiercer than (perhaps) it has been for many years.

So, why should your recruitment strategy involve treating the candidate just like a customer?

How can it be done?


Think of this as the review section on Amazon.

Information about the company, the job, the market whatever it is, if it is relevant and easy to find will give candidates reason to engage with the employer and increase the likelihood of a purchase (application).

In addition, having good and original content also helps boost SEO rankings so that people can find you on Google - VERY important!

'More like this'

Suppose a candidate is looking at a vacancy on your careers site. You are a big organisation and you have a number of similar roles that candidates might be interested in.

It would make sense to display similar jobs to candidates as they are looking at job descriptions.  

Bring the shop window to them like Amazon would if you were looking to buy a TV. The likelihood of a completed application has just shot through the roof because everything they need is right there.orem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. 

'Check out'

A simple, fluid application process is what candidates have come to expect. Every unnecessary click/form to fill out is a barrier, which means that you will lose more applications.

A good shopping experience = loyal customers

Let’s face it: about 95% of the applications you receive won’t result in job offers which will be for all kinds of different reasons. 

Candidates who have had a bad experience and have been treated poorly just because they were not successful will never return.

You wouldn’t find Amazon treating a customer badly just because they didn’t buying anything there and then!

And let’s not forget word-of-mouth: the best form of marketing/advertising there is!

People who have had a good experience will tell an average of three people about it.  

Those who have had a bad one will tell nine. Or 900 if they do it through social media. Which they will. So be on Glassdoor for a good reason!


2015 is the year the world truly went mobileOver 50% of digital journeys were taken on mobile devices and that figure is set to sky rocket - ignore it your peril.

So, think about how you interact with potential recruits. Consider it as a ‘relationship’ rather than a transaction, in the same way, that Amazon treats its customers.

You just might find your attraction strategy revolutionised and the right kind of careers platform gives you the power to do just that.

How can Attrax help?

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