Keeping up to date with changes in digital marketing can be a challenge for many recruitment agencies. The busy nature of recruitment, together with the complexities of SEO and risks involved in site changes and paid advertising, can often mean digital marketing is a neglected part of the business.

Creating a rounded digital marketing strategy which encompasses your site, SEO and paid activities is vital for the future growth and maintenance of your online visibility. Here’s what you need:

An up-to-date website

Demand for fast, responsive, user- and SEO-friendly sites has only increased with the rise of mobile devices and Google search engine updates. An SEO-friendly site with the best modules and functionalities for the ultimate candidate experience is no longer a desire but a must-have solution.

Each component of a recruitment site must be carefully thought out and created from an atheistic design to a clean code base. Hiring the right recruitment site design company is important when creating a solid site to work on and improve your conversion rates. 

Continuous SEO and content strategy

A sound SEO strategy with continuous surveillance and updates is essential to remaining visible online - the days of easy gains and quick rankings are gone. With more and more recruitment agencies, employers and job aggregators competing for the same online “real estate” (keywords), competition has skyrocketed.

With the introduction of new algorithms, push for local SEO, importance of mobile user experience and growth in social media networks, SEO has become not only about the technical details but also about user experience and customer satisfaction. One must ask themselves: do I have a content strategy to engage with my audience? Am I providing answers to the questions candidates are searching? And is my content helping my SEO efforts?

More focus on paid advertising

With changes in the way Google displays search engine rankings positions - i.e. the removal of right-hand ads - demand for top positions has become more heated and inevitably expensive. Paid ads are only more likely to increase in stature as newer agencies and employers with little or no SEO demand exposure for their businesses. This will likely filter down to job aggregators as they imitate more advanced search engines such as Google to find ways to make more money.

This trend will only increase the importance of employing experts who understand these tools and bidding systems to manage your paid activity online, be it managing and optimising Google AdWords accounts or creating the best possible optimised XML feeds for job aggregators. This can mean the difference between a standard and highly profitable campaign.

User experience and conversion rate optimisation

In today’s world of fast paced, busy lifestyles and high expectations, businesses are forced to create ways users can reach the information they are searching for quicker and easier. This same rule applies to candidates and clients in recruitment.An objective approach to reviewing your website and testing new ways to improve user experience can be the difference between whether a candidate or client makes that initial contact or not. Conversion rate optimisation has become increasingly important as the focus of search engines is no longer just around the question of “can” and “how” a user can find your website but also “what” they do once they reach it.

The ultimate goal

Ultimately the goal for every recruiter and employer is candidate placement and client acquisition. Having a state of the art site with a sound digital marketing strategy will not only increase chances of survival in this competitive field but also increase your brand, visibility and authority. Is it time to upgrade your site?

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